Not available in 2022/23
Academic Vocabulary

This information is for the 2022/23 session.

Teacher responsible

Dr Alison Standring PEL.6.01e


This course is for students who speak English as a foreign language.

Course content

Students will improve their knowledge and understanding of academic English vocabulary including: stylistic choices, noun-phrases, verb-phrases, collocations and metaphor. 


4 hours of classes in the MT. 4 hours of classes in the LT.

This course will be offered at four different times during the academic year namely: MT Wks 2-5; MT Wks 7-10; LT Wks 2-5; LT Wks 7-10

Key facts

Department: Language Centre

Total students 2021/22: Unavailable

Average class size 2021/22: Unavailable

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Personal development skills

  • Communication