English for Academic Purposes Insessional Support Programme

These courses are not credit bearing options. The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Insessional Support Programme is intended for students for whom English is not a first language or for those who have not studied in English previously. The programme aims to:

• enhance confidence, fluency and competence in English for Academic and Specific Purposes;
• practise the key language skills, with a particular emphasis on academic writing and speaking;
• encourage independent learning;
• improve associated and transferable skills such as: presentation, research and interpersonal skills;
• act as a secure forum for subject related language activities maintaining the synergy between the Language Centre and a student's academic unit;
• every student, who will benefit from support, should register for a weekly class, appropriate to them, covering all the aspects of Academic Writing and/or Academic Communication Skills they will need, specific to their Department, during their studies at LSE.

See English for Academic Purposes course guides for further information.

For details on the English Language Insessional Support Programme and how to register on the courses see the EAP Insessional Support Programme homepage or contact the Language Centre directly.