Scheme for the award of a Taught Master's Degree

Sub-board 'local rules'

Please read the following local rules in conjunction with the relevant scheme paragraph in the Classification Scheme for this programme:

These Exam Sub-Board 'local rules' apply to the following programme:
MSc in Social Research Methods


Course(s) critical to assessment:
A Fail in courses to the value of 1.0 unit which includes a Fail in MY421 and/or MY452 cannot be compensated under rules 3.1.3(i) or 3.1.3(ii), and shall result in an overall Fail.
Where a student has substituted a more advanced course for MY452 and/or MY421, the above rules shall apply to the substituted course(s) in place of the course(s) they replace. Any such substitution must be approved by both the MSc Programme Director and the Chair of the Sub-Board of Examiners.


Additional criteria for the award of Merit/Distinction (scheme section 2):
A Fail in either MY421 or MY452 shall result in a drop of one class in the overall award classification where a Distinction or Merit would otherwise have been awarded. It shall have no further impact where a Pass is to be awarded.

For further information on Exam Sub-Board local rules, please contact Martin Johnson