Department of International History

Exam sub-board local rules: 2021/22

The Sub-Board of Examiners can set additional criteria for the award of Merit/Distinction. The Sub-Board of Examiners can also designate a course or courses as being critical to assessment for a programme and establish 'local rules' where the specific course(s) and/or marks will be given special consideration in the awarding of the degree.

The following programmes have Exam Sub-Board 'local rules'. Please click on the title of your programme of study (below) to see which 'local rules' apply to it.


MA in Modern History

MSc in Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation

MSc in History of International Relations

MSc in International and Asian History

MSc in Theory and History of International Relations

LSE-Columbia University Double MA Degree in International and World History

LSE-PKU Double Degree in MSc International Affairs