Department of Economic History

Exam sub-board local rules: 2021/22

The Sub-Board of Examiners can set additional criteria for the award of Merit/Distinction. The Sub-Board of Examiners can also designate a course or courses as being critical to assessment for a programme and establish 'local rules' where the specific course(s) and/or marks will be given special consideration in the awarding of the degree.

The following programmes have Exam Sub-Board 'local rules'. Please click on the title of your programme of study (below) to see which 'local rules' apply to it.


MRes/PhD in Quantitative Economic History

MA in Global Studies: A European Perspective

MSc in Economic History

MSc in Economic History (Research)

MSc in Global Economic History (Erasmus Mundus)

MSc in Political Economy of Late Development

MSc in Quantitative Economic History