Scheme for the award of a Taught Master's Degree

Sub-board 'local rules'

Please read the following local rules in conjunction with the relevant scheme paragraph in the Classification Scheme for this programme:

These Exam Sub-Board 'local rules' apply to the following programmes:
MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

MSc in Economics

MSc in Economics (2-Year Programme)


Course(s) critical to assessment:


Additional criteria for the award of Merit/Distinction (scheme section 2):
Distinction if the student has achieved an aggregate score of 560.

Merit if the student has achieved an aggregate score of 480.


Note: For students who undertake two half-unit courses under Paper 4 (or Paper 8 of the 2 year MSc Economics) Programme Regulations, the final mark for the purpose of classification will be determined by calculating the average of the marks obtained in the two half units selected (as if the course was a full-unit)

For further information on Exam Sub-Board local rules, please contact Martin Johnson