Updated undergraduate information 2023/24 - for future students

The following information provides prospective students with a summary of new course and programme information for the 2023/24 session. It is intended to help you when you are selecting your courses.

This page will continue to be updated throughout the academic year as changes are confirmed by departments.

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Undergraduate programmes

New programmes for 2023/24
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new programmes in 2023/24:

Department of Mathematics:

BSc in Mathematics with Data Science


 Substantive changes to programme regulations for 2023/24
The following programmes will change their structure, course options and/or other elements of the programme regulations from the 2023/24 session.

Department of Economic History:

BSc in Economic History

Withdrawal of core un-assessed course EH103

BSc in Economic History and Geography

Paper 12 core course change from EH391 to EH390


Undergraduate courses

New courses for 2023/24
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new courses in 2023/24.

Department of Anthropology courses:

AN282 Bangladesh and Beyond: Anthropological perspectives (0.5)

AN283 Anthropology, Art, and Poetics (0.5)

Department of Government courses:

GV250 Ethics and Politics of Artificial Intelligence (0.5)

GV252 Politics and Policy of Data Science (0.5)

Department of Geography courses:

GY212 Pathways in Human Geography (0.5)

Language Centre courses:

LN341 Mandarin in the Global Workplace (0.5)

LN370 Discourse and Communication (1.0)

Department of Statistics courses:

ST314 Multilevel and Longitudinal Models (0.5)



Course code changes from 2023/24
The following courses have changed department codes for the 2023/24 session. Course codes are used to register you for courses in the School.

Old code

New code

Department of Geography and Environment courses:

GY205 Political Geographies (1.0)

GY204 Political Geography (0.5)


Withdrawn courses for 2023/24
The following courses have been withdrawn for the 2023/24 session.

Department of Economic History courses:

EH103 Making Economic History Count (0.0)