Programme regulations for 2018

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BA in Anthropology and Law

BSc in Accounting and Finance

BSc in Actuarial Science


Exchange Programme for Students from University of California, Berkeley


BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

BSc in Economic History

BSc in Economic History and Geography

BSc in Economic History with Economics

BSc in Economics

BSc in Economics and Economic History

BSc in Economics with Economic History

BSc in Environment and Development

BSc in Environmental Policy with Economics

Erasmus Reciprocal Programme of Study


BSc in Finance

BSc in Financial Mathematics and Statistics


BA in Geography

BSc in Geography with Economics

General Course


BA in History


BSc in International Relations

BSc in International Relations and History

International Exchange (1 Term)

International Exchange (Full Year)


LLB in Laws


BSc in Management

BSc in Mathematics and Economics

BSc in Mathematics with Economics

BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Business


BSc in Philosophy and Economics

BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

BSc in Politics

BSc in Politics and Economics

BSc in Politics and History

BSc in Politics and International Relations

BSc in Politics and Philosophy


BA in Social Anthropology

BSc in Social Anthropology

BSc in Social Policy

BSc in Social Policy and Economics

BSc in Social Policy and Sociology

BSc in Social Policy with Government

BSc in Sociology