LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement

LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement (formerly TLC/LTI) offers events, resources and opportunities that enable academic and research staff to enhance the education of taught students and strengthen the connections between teaching and research.


Atlas: the LSE Academic Development Programme.

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

Also available from the Teaching and Learning Centre:

LSE Academic Staff and GTA Inductions: the New Academic Induction Programme 9-11 September 2019; GTA Induction MT, from 16 September onwards.

New HoDs Induction, a two-day event in June 2020.

TLC curates the LSE Higher Education Blog – posting regular features and posts about the HE sector, controversies and contemporary issues in higher education, as well as events and media round-ups from online academia around the world.

Funding - details and application forms for funds towards teaching and learning related projects.

Resources – web portals for GTAs and Academic Mentors, as well as many other resources and case studies for teaching and learning.

You may also be interested in the LSE Assessment Toolkit - a guide to developing appropriate assessment methods that support student learning on courses and programmes.

The Academic Mentoring Portal (AMP) is an accessible interactive reference tool aimed at both LSE Academic Mentors and their students. It is designed to provide all the necessary information, guidance and contacts relating to academic mentoring at LSE.

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