Updated undergraduate information 2021/22 - for future students

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The following information provides prospective students with a summary of new course and programme information for the 2021/22 session. It is intended to help you when you are selecting your courses.

This page will continue to be updated throughout the academic year as changes are confirmed by departments.

Undergraduate courses

New programmes for 2021/22
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new programmes in 2021/22:

Department of Statistics:

BSc in Data Science


New courses for 2021/22
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new courses in 2021/22:  

Department of Accounting courses:

AC342 Accounting, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (0.5)


Department of Economics courses:

EC1A1 Microeconomics I (0.5)

EC1A3 Microeconomics I (0.5)

EC1A5 Microeconomics I (0.5)

EC1B1 Macroeconomics I (0.5)

EC1B3 Macroeconomics I (0.5)

EC1B5 Macroeconomics I (0.5)

EC1C1 Econometrics I (0.5)

EC1P1 Economics (0.5)

Department of Government courses:

GV326 Conflict, War and Revolution - Approaches to Political Theory (1.0)

GV327 Governance and Corruption (0.5)

GV329 Making Democracy Work (0.5)


Department of Mathematics courses:

MA333 Optimisation for Machine Learning (0.5)


Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method courses:

PH238 Philosophy of Language (0.5)


Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science courses:

PB300 Advances in Psychological and Behavioural Science (1.0)

PB301 Cognition and Culture (0.5)

PB302 Creativity and Innovation (0.5)

PB303 Group Dynamics (0.5)

PB304 Organisational and Social Decision-Making (0.5)

PB305 Social Neuroscience of Economic Life (0.5)

PB310 Independent Research Project (1.0)

PB311 Advanced Quantitative Methods for Psychological and Behavioural Science (0.5)

PB312 Advanced Methods for Psychological and Behavioural Science: Laboratory Apprenticeship (0.5)


Department of Social Policy courses:

SP210 Development and Social Change (1.0)

SP273 Comparative Criminology (0.5)

SP370 Criminological Controversies (0.5)

SP371 Interrogating Criminological Research (0.5)

SP372 Punishment and Penal Policy (0.5)

SP398 Dissertation (BSc Criminology) (1.0)

Department of Statistics courses:

ST115 Managing and Visualising Data (0.5)

ST207 Databases (0.5)

ST311 Artificial Intelligence (0.5)