Undergraduate course guides 2018/19

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AC100 Elements of Accounting and Finance

AC102 Elements of Financial Accounting

AC103 Elements of Management Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Institutions

AC200 Accounting Theory and Practice

AC211 Managerial Accounting

AC310 Management Accounting, Financial Management and Organisational Control

AC311 Financial Management and Organisational Control

AC312 Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting

AC330 Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation.

AC331 Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting

AC332 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

AC340 Auditing, Governance and Risk Management

AC341 Auditing, Risk Management and Governance

AC342 Accounting, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


AN100 Introduction to Social Anthropology

AN101 Ethnography and Theory: Selected Texts

AN102 Anthropology, Text and Film

AN200 The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex and Gender

AN205 The Anthropology of Melanesia

AN216 Cognition and Anthropology: Human Development in Cultural Environments

AN221 The Anthropology of Christianity

AN223 The Anthropology of Southeast Asia

AN226 Political and Legal Anthropology

AN237 The Anthropology of Development

AN240 Investigating the Philippines - New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts

AN243 Children and Youth in Contemporary Ethnography

AN244 Anthropology and Media

AN245 Borders and Boundaries: Ethnographic Approaches

AN247 Anthropological Approaches to Questions of Being

AN250 The Anthropology of South Asia

AN251 Cognition and Anthropology: Learning and Thinking in Relation to Social Institutions

AN252 Anthropological Approaches to Value

AN256 Economic Anthropology (1): Production and Exchange

AN269 The Anthropology of Amazonia

AN274 Subjectivity and Anthropology

AN275 The Anthropology of Revolution

AN276 Anthropology and the Anthropocene

AN277 Topics in the Anthropology of sub-Saharan Africa

AN278 Anthropology and Global History

AN298 Research Methods in Social Anthropology

AN300 Advanced Theory of Social Anthropology

AN301 The Anthropology of Religion

AN357 Economic Anthropology (2): Transformation and Globalisation

AN398 Special Essay Paper in Social Anthropology


EC100 Economics A

EC102 Economics B

EC201 Microeconomic Principles I

EC202 Microeconomic Principles II

EC210 Macroeconomic Principles

EC220 Introduction to Econometrics

EC221 Principles of Econometrics

EC230 Economics in Public Policy

EC240 PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

EC301 Advanced Economic Analysis

EC302 Political Economy

EC307 Development Economics

EC309 Econometric Theory

EC310 Behavioural Economics

EC311 History of Economics: How Theories Change

EC313 Industrial Economics

EC315 International Economics

EC317 Labour Economics

EC319 Games and Economic Behaviour

EC321 Monetary Economics

EC325 Public Economics

EC331 Quantitative Thesis

EC333 Problems of Applied Econometrics

EC340 PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar


EH101 The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the present day

EH102 Pre-industrial Economic History

EH103 Making Economic History Count

EH204 Money and Finance: From the Middle Ages to Modernity

EH207 The Making of an Economic Superpower: China since 1850

EH208 Economic History Lab: Cities, Economy and Society, 1550-1750

EH211 Africa and the World Economy, 1500-2000

EH225 Latin America and the International Economy

EH237 Theories and Evidence in Economic History

EH238 The Origins of Growth

EH240 Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context

EH304 The Economic History of North America: from Colonial Times to the Cold War

EH306 Monetary and Financial History since 1750

EH307 The Economic History of South Asia, 1600-2000

EH308 Historical Economic Geography: Cities, Markets and Regions in the 19th and 20th Centuries

EH309 Slavery from Ancient Greece to the Gulag

EH311 Atlantic World Slavery

EH325 Issues in Modern Japanese Economic Development: Late Industrialisation, Imperialism and High Speed Growth

EH326 Innovation and its Finance in the 19th and 20th Centuries

EH327 China's Traditional Economy and its Growth in the Very Long-Term

EH390 Dissertation in Economic or Social History

EH391 Dissertation in Historical Economic Geography


FM100 Introduction to Finance

FM101 Finance

FM200 Financial Systems and Crises

FM201 Macro-Finance

FM212 Principles of Finance

FM213 Principles of Finance

FM300 Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets

FM301 Market Anomalies and Asset Management

FM302 Theories of Corporate Finance

FM304 Applied Corporate Finance

FM305 Advanced Financial Economics

FM320 Quantitative Finance

FM321 Risk Management and Modelling

FM322 Derivatives


GV100 Introduction to Political Theory

GV101 Introduction to Political Science

GV225 Public Choice and Politics

GV227 The Politics of Economic Policy

GV245 Democracy and Democratisation

GV248 Power and Politics in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives

GV249 Research Design in Political Science

GV251 Government, Politics and Public Policy in the European Union

GV262 Contemporary Political Theory

GV263 Public Policy Analysis

GV264 Politics and Institutions in Europe

GV302 Key Themes in the History of Political Thought

GV306 Global Public Policy

GV307 Political and Ethnic Conflict and Coexistence: Key Debates

GV308 Leadership in the Political World

GV309 Politics of Money and Finance in Comparative Perspective

GV311 British Government

GV312 Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics

GV313 Politics of Trade in Comparative Perspective

GV314 Empirical Research in Government

GV315 Voting and Elections in Developing Democracies

GV316 Advanced Issues in Applied Political Theory

GV317 The Modern State - Theory and Practice

GV318 Building Democracies from Conflict? Violence, Power-Sharing and Institutional Design

GV319 Experimental Politics

GV320 Populism

GV321 Concepts and Controversies in Political Theory

GV322 Knowledge Economies: Global Innovation Networks and Segregated Societies

GV323 Transparency and Accountability in Government

GV325 Advanced Issues in Political Economy

GV328 Middle East Politics in Transnational Perspective

GV335 African Political Economy

GV342 Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Capstone and Research Project

GV366 Political Economy of the Developing World

GV390 Government Dissertation Option

GV398 Inside the Mind of a Voter: Research in Electoral Psychology

GV3A1 The Politics and Policies of 'Brexit': The UK's changing relationship with the European Union


GY100 Introduction to Geography

GY103 Contemporary Europe

GY120 Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future

GY121 Sustainable Development

GY140 Introduction to Geographical Research

GY144 London's Geographies

GY202 Introduction to Global Development

GY205 Political Geographies

GY206 Urban Geography and Globalisation

GY207 Economy, Society and Space

GY209 The Economic Geography of Trade, Production and Development

GY210 The Economics of Cities

GY220 Environment: Science and Society

GY222 Applied Environmental Economics

GY244 London's Geographies

GY245 Quantitative Methods in Geography

GY246 Field Methods in Geography

GY247 Field Methods in Geography & Environment

GY307 Regional Economic Development

GY308 The Economic Geography of Growth and Development

GY309 The Political Geography of Development

GY310 Urban Politics

GY311 The Political Economy of Urbanisation

GY312 Geographies of Gender in the Global South

GY313 Firms and Economic Geography: Location, Technology and Innovation

GY314 The Economics of Housing Markets and Migration

GY315 Geographies of Race

GY316 Gender in High Income and Emerging Economies

GY326 Sustainable Business and Finance

GY327 Global Environmental Governance

GY328 Political Ecology of Development

GY329 Applied Economics of Environment and Development

GY331 Geographies of Global Migration

GY350 Dissertation


HY113 From Empire to Independence: The Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century

HY116 International History since 1890

HY118 Faith, Power and Revolution: Europe and the Wider World, c.1500-c.1800

HY119 Thinking Like A Historian

HY200 The Rights of Man: the History of Human Rights Discourse from the Antigone to Amnesty International

HY206 The International History of the Cold War, 1945-1989

HY221 The History of Russia, 1682-1825

HY226 The Great War 1914-1918

HY232 War, Genocide and Nation Building. The History of South-Eastern Europe 1914-1990

HY235 Modernity and the State in East Asia: China, Japan and Korea since 1840

HY238 The Cold War and European Integration, 1947-1992

HY239 Latin America and the United States since 1898

HY240 From Empire to Commonwealth: war, race and imperialism in British History, 1780 to the present day

HY241 What is History? Methods and Debates

HY242 The Soviet Union: Domestic, International and Intellectual History

HY243 Islamic Empires, 1400 - 1800

HY244 Britain’s Atlantic World, 1688-1837

HY245 The United States and the World since 1776

HY246 The Global Caribbean: Colonialism, Race and Revolutions 1780s-1980s

HY300 Dissertation

HY311 Limited War During the Cold War Era: The US in Korea (1950-53) and Vietnam (1954-75)

HY315 The European Enlightenment, c.1680-1799

HY319 Napoleon and Europe

HY320 The Cold War Endgame

HY321 The Struggle for the Persian Gulf, 1945-2003

HY322 Nazi Germany's War: Violence and Occupation in Europe, 1939-1945

HY323 Travel, Pleasure and Politics: The European Grand Tour, 1670-1825

HY324 Muslim-Jewish Relations: History and Memory in the Middle East and Europe, 622-1945

HY325 Retreat from Power: British foreign and defence policy, 1931-68

HY326 Slavery, Capital, and Empire in the British World, 1700-1900

HY327 The Anglo-American Special Relationship, 1939-89

HY328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion

HY329 Independent India: Myths of Freedom and Development

HY330 From Tea to Opium: China and the Global Market in the Long Eighteenth Century


IR100 International Relations: Theories, Concepts and Debates

IR101 Contemporary Issues in International Relations

IR102 Thinking Globally: Studying International Relations

IR200 International Political Theory

IR202 Foreign Policy Analysis 1

IR202.2 Contemporary Foreign Policy in Practice

IR203 International Organisations

IR205 International Security

IR206 International Political Economy

IR305 Strategic Aspects of International Relations

IR312 Genocide

IR313 Managing China's Rise in East Asia

IR314 Southeast Asia: Intra-regional Politics and Security

IR315 The Middle East and International Relations Theory

IR317 American Grand Strategy

IR318 Visual International Politics

IR319 Empire and Conflict in World Politics

IR320 Europe's Institutional Order

IR321 Revolutions and World Politics

IR322 Sovereignty, Rights and Justice: Issues in International Political Theory

IR323 Gender and International Politics

IR324 The Practices of Transitional Justice

IR325 The Situations of the International Criminal Court

IR326 The Rule of Law: A Global History

IR347 Political Economy of International Labour Migration

IR354 Governing International Political Economy: Lessons from the Past for the Future

IR355 Economic Diplomacy

IR367 Global Environmental Politics

IR368 The Political Economy of Trade

IR369 Politics of Money in the World Economy

IR373 China and the Global South

IR377 The Politics of Governance, Development and Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

IR378 Critical War Studies

IR398 Dissertation


LL100 Foundational Legal Skills

LL104 Law of Obligations

LL105 Property I

LL106 Public Law

LL108 Criminal Law

LL109 Introduction to the Legal System

LL201 Administrative Law

LL202 Commercial Contracts

LL203 Law of Business Associations (Company Law)

LL204 Advanced Torts

LL205 Medical Law

LL207 Civil Liberties and Human Rights

LL210 Information Technology and the Law

LL212 Conflict of Laws

LL221 Family Law

LL232 Law and Institutions of the European Union

LL233 Law of Evidence

LL241 European Legal History

LL242 International Protection of Human Rights

LL250 Law and The Environment

LL251 Intellectual Property Law

LL253 The Law of Corporate Insolvency

LL257 Employment Law

LL259 Legal and Social Change since 1750

LL272 Outlines of Modern Criminology

LL275 Property II

LL278 Public International Law

LL284 Topics in Sentencing and Criminal Justice

LL293 Tax and Tax Avoidance

LL295 Media Law

LL300 Competition Law

LL301 Global Commodities Law

LL305 Jurisprudence

LL398 Half-Unit Dissertation on an approved legal topic

LL399 Full-unit Dissertation on an approved legal topic


LN100 Russian Language and Society 3 (advanced)

LN101 Russian Language and Society 1 (beginner)

LN102 Russian Language and Society 2 (intermediate)

LN104 Mandarin Language and Society Level 1 (Beginner)

LN110 German Language and Society 3 (advanced)

LN112 German Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN120 Spanish Language and Society 3 (advanced)

LN121 Spanish Language and Society 1 (beginner)

LN122 Spanish Language and Society 2 (intermediate)

LN130 French Language and Society 3 (advanced)

LN131 French Language and Society 1 (beginner)

LN132 French Language and Society 2 (intermediate)

LN140 Mandarin Language and Society 3 (Advanced)

LN142 Mandarin Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN200 Russian Language and Society 4 (proficiency)

LN210 German Language and Society 4 (proficiency)

LN220 Spanish Language and Society 4 (proficiency)

LN230 French Language and Society 4 (proficiency)

LN240 Mandarin Language and Society 4 (Proficiency)

LN250 English Literature and Society

LN251 Comparative Literature and 20th Century Political History

LN252 Global Literature and Society

LN253 European Literature and Philosophy

LN254 Literature and Aspects of Ethics

LN270 Society and Language: Linguistics for Social Scientists

LN320 Spanish Language and Society 5 (mastery)

LN330 French Language and Society 5 (mastery)

LN340 Mandarin Language and Society 5 (Mastery)


LSE100 The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things


MA100 Mathematical Methods

MA103 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MA107 Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

MA110 Basic Quantitative Methods

MA203 Real Analysis

MA207 Further Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

MA208 Optimisation Theory

MA209 Differential Equations

MA210 Discrete Mathematics

MA211 Algebra and Number Theory

MA212 Further Mathematical Methods

MA231 Operational Research Methods

MA300 Game Theory

MA301 Game Theory I

MA303 Chaos in Dynamical Systems

MA305 Optimisation in Function Spaces

MA310 Mathematics of Finance and Valuation

MA313 Probability for Finance

MA314 Algorithms and Programming

MA315 Algebra and its Applications

MA316 Graph Theory

MA317 Complex Analysis

MA318 History of Mathematics in Finance and Economics

MA319 Partial Differential Equations

MA320 Mathematics of Networks

MA321 Measure Theoretic Probability

MA322 Mathematics of Finance and Valuation

MA323 Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics

MA331 Practical Optimisation Modelling

MA332 Programming in C++


MG104 Operations Management

MG105 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership

MG205 Econometrics: Theory and Applications

MG206 Firms, Management and Competitive Advantage

MG207 Managerial Economics

MG208 Business Transformation and Project Management

MG209 E-business

MG210 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards

MG212 Marketing

MG213 Information Systems

MG214 Human Resource Management

MG228 Managing the Stone-Age Brain

MG301 Strategy

MG302 Topics in Management Research

MG303 International Business Strategy and Emerging Markets

MG305 Innovation and Technology Management

MG307 International Context of Management

MG308 Simulation Modelling and Analysis

MG310 Analytics for Strategic Decisions

MG311 Foundations of Behavioural Decision Science

MG312 Extreme Organisational Behaviour: Examining behaviour in non-normative organisational contexts

MG315 Marketing Action Learning Project


PB101 Foundations of Psychological Science

PB102 Social Psychology


PH101 Logic

PH103 The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy

PH104 Formal Methods of Philosophical Argumentation

PH201 Philosophy of Science

PH203 Philosophy of the Social Sciences

PH213 Scientific Revolutions: Philosophical and Historical Issues

PH214 Philosophy, Morals and Politics

PH217 Set Theory and Further Logic

PH220 Scientific Method and Policy

PH221 Problems of Analytic Philosophy

PH222 Philosophy and Public Policy

PH225 Business and Organisational Ethics

PH227 Genes, Brains and Society

PH228 Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour: Science and Policy

PH230 Einstein for Everyone: From time travel to the edge of the universe

PH232 Physics and the City: From Quantum Jumps to Stock Market Crashes

PH301 Rationality and Choice

PH311 Philosophy of Economics

PH332 Effective Philanthropy: Ethics and Evidence

PH341 Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Applications

PH399 Dissertation in Philosophy


SA100 The Foundations of Social Policy

SA101 Sociology and Social Policy

SA104 Social Economics, Politics and Policy

SA201 Research Methods for Social Policy

SA204 Education Policy

SA217 Psychology of Crime and Criminal Justice

SA218 Criminological Perspectives

SA219 Comparative and International Social Policy

SA221 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy

SA223 Health and Social Care Policy

SA224 Introduction to Global Population Change

SA302 Assessing Social Progress

SA303 Sexuality, Everyday Lives and Social Policy in Developing Countries

SA304 Migration: Current research, critical approaches

SA309 Crime Control: Ideas and Controversies

SA319 Social Security Policies

SA349 Dissertation


SO100 Key Concepts: Introduction to Social Theory

SO102 Data in Society: Researching Social Life

SO110 Power, Inequality, and Difference: Contemporary Themes in Sociology

SO201 Key Concepts: Advanced Social Theory

SO203 Political Sociology

SO208 Gender and Society

SO210 Crime, Deviance and Control

SO221 Researching London: Advanced Social Research Methods

SO224 The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

SO231 Knowledge, Power, and Social Change

SO232 Sociology of Health and Illness

SO233 Reactionary Radicalism: Populism and Authoritarianism in the 21st Century

SO234 Digital Technology, Speed and Culture

SO302 The Sociological Dissertation

SO308 Personal Life, Intimacy and the Family

SO309 Atrocity and Justice

SO310 The Sociology of Elites

SO311 Law and Violence

SO312 Work, Inequality and Society

SO313 Material Culture and Everyday Life


ST102 Elementary Statistical Theory

ST107 Quantitative Methods (Statistics)

ST108 Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences

ST201 Statistical Models and Data Analysis

ST202 Probability, Distribution Theory and Inference

ST205 Sample Surveys and Experiments

ST206 Probability and Distribution Theory

ST211 Applied Regression

ST213 Introduction to Pricing, Hedging and Optimization

ST226 Actuarial Investigations: Financial

ST227 Survival Models

ST300 Regression and Generalised Linear Models

ST301 Actuarial Mathematics (Life)

ST302 Stochastic Processes

ST303 Stochastic Simulation

ST304 Time Series and Forecasting

ST306 Actuarial Mathematics (General)

ST307 Aspects of Market Research

ST308 Bayesian Inference

ST309 Elementary Data Analytics

ST312 Applied Statistics Project

ST326 Financial Statistics

ST327 Market Research: An Integrated Approach

ST330 Stochastic and Actuarial Methods in Finance