Updated undergraduate course and programme information 2017/18 - for future students

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The following information provides prospective undergraduate students with a summary of new courses course and programmes being offered in the 2017-18 session:

Undergraduate courses

New courses for 2017-18
The School is pleased to be able to offer the following new courses in 2017-18.  

Department of Economics courses:

EC340 PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar


Department of Finance courses:

FM200 History of Financial Markets and Institutions (H)

FM201 Macroeconomics and Finance (H)

Department of International History courses:

HY328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion



Suspended courses for  2017-18
We regret we are unable to offer the following courses in the  2017-18 session.  For alternative option courses you should consult your academic adviser.

Department of Finance courses:

FM301 Market Anomalies and Asset Management (H)

FM302 Theories of Corporate Finance (H)

FM304 Applied corporate Finance (H)

FM305 Advanced Asset Markets (H)

FM321 Risk Management and Modeling (H)

FM322 Derivatives (H)

Department of Geography and Environment courses:

GY300 Theories of Regional Development and Change


Department of Government courses:

GV342 Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Capstone and Research Project


Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method courses:

PH341 Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Applications



Withdrawn courses for 2017-18
The following courses will be permanently withdrawn, and no longer available in the 2017/18 session. For alternative option courses, please consult your academic adviser

Department of International History courses:

HY203 The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion


Department of Social Policy courses:

SA320 Comparative and International Social Policy