Target customers

This service is provided for LSE staff.


Webstaging is the system used to enable web publishing. All web pages on the LSE website, and on other LSE websites produced using Webstaging, result from one of two approaches: Baking and CopyThrough.


Baking automatically adds the LSE website template to web pages created by web editors. All web pages on Webstaging bar those published via CopyThrough - see below - are baked every hour during School office hours. Once baked, web pages are copied to the main LSE web server - a process known as mirroring.

Baking is used for LSE websites that must use the LSE website template eg the LSE website.


CopyThrough simply copies web pages from Webstaging to the main LSE web server without changes ie just mirroring.

CopyThrough is used for LSE websites that do not need to conform to the LSE website template.

Training and support

Training and support is available for Webstaging although the level varies depending upon whether Baking or CopyThrough is used. Both training and support is available for web editors using Baking - see Training and support for more information. For web editors using CopyThrough, training is not available and support is limited to setup and ensuring the mirroring process.

Further information

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