Master's Dissertation support

LSE LIFE's Master's Dissertation talks and workshops guide students through the process of identifying a research topic, writing a research proposal, developing research question, and planning, conducting, and writing up their postgraduate research project. Events begin in Michaelmas Term, take place throughout Lent and Summer terms, and continue after the end of the academic year through July, August, and September. Booking is required for these events. Attendance is optional and free of charge.

The series includes

How to get started on your dissertation
Develop your research question
How to explore and review the literature
How to prepare to collect and analyse data
Plan and conduct responsible, ethical research
What is "originality" in a research project?
Inject originality into your project
Define, refine, and practice your dissertation literature search
Find and use social science data for your dissertation research
Make a start writing your literature review
Structure your dissertation
Write a draft abstract
Master's dissertation writing retreats
Format your dissertation using tools and tricks in Word
Plan your dissertation research
Plan your summertime research and writing
Pitch your research project
Two-minute dissertations: present to the room
Address procrastination while doing your dissertation
Work in groups to make progress on your dissertation
Practical tips for qualitative research
Practical tips for quantitative research
Practical tips for working with research participants
Practical tips for transcribing qualitative data
Practical tips for planning and conducting interviews
Practical tips for doing thematic analysis
Practical tips for doing discourse analysis

n.b. The "practical tips" workshops are not methods courses. Research methods courses are taught by the Methodology Department.

See also:

LSE LIFE website for more information about these sessions and to book a place.