Your new options to support the School

In keeping with the School’s 2030 strategic ambitions, we have launched an enhanced range of giving options to maximise the impact of philanthropic investment in LSE. 


These changes will ensure that gifts from alumni and friends continue to:

  • Help the best students with the greatest capacity to benefit from an LSE education. Our regular giving programme is the largest philanthropic programme for student financial assistance at LSE – it helped support 52 students last year – and is a wonderful resource in maintaining our diversity and ensuring that the LSE campus is a thriving and dynamic intellectual exchange informed by different perspectives. 
  • Improve every student’s LSE experience, enabling innovative initiatives that complement their formal education. Today’s students are tomorrow’s change makers: policymakers, teachers and civil society leaders; they need an innovative LSE educational experience to develop their capacity for critical thought, sense of enquiry, and knowledge to tackle the world’s biggest problems.
  • Power our globally-renowned research centres for greater global impact. LSE’s exceptional research – from creating knowledge to understand global divisions and analysing the welfare state across societies confronted by changing demographics, to tackling rising inequality – must reach, resonate with and be impactful for people in all walks of life for the betterment of society
  • Underpin strategic priorities that emerge through the delivery of Strategy LSE2030. The Senior Management Committee led by Minouche Shafik will direct regular gifts to emerging strategic projects.

Supporting a university is a very personal choice – some generations have a desire to give back, while others make an investment to help preserve the value of their education or to support teaching and research addressing major global challenges. Whatever your motivation to invest philanthropically in LSE, we hope these options for your unrestricted regular gifts give you confidence in the impact of your support.