Students' career prospects enhanced by Assistantships

Alumni gifts support LSE US Centre's research assistant programme

Being an LSE student is more than just coursework and qualifications – it’s also about starting to build a career.

Adeola Akande Pierre-Noël

US Centre UGrad RA photo
This year's recipients of the undergraduate research assistantships programme

Across LSE, students are supported in ensuring their LSE education extends beyond the classroom to include a focus on being prepared for their careers after graduation.

One such initiative is the undergraduate research assistantships programme with the United States Centre at LSE, which is in its second year. It encourages US-related interdisciplinary research collaborations between academics and undergraduate students. This academic year, five students are benefiting from assistantships through the programme.

Recipients of the first assistantships praised the rare opportunity the programme afforded undergraduates to be able to engage in research with faculty members. They outlined how they felt more confident as researchers, felt encouraged to engage more deeply with their own department and fields of study, and were better equipped to navigate the research process.

The programme also improved their career prospects. "Every interview I went to, they all commented on my Research Assistantship. It was definitely something that stood out on my CV," said Olivia Horn, who worked with Dr James Morrison in the International Relations Department. “The programme expanded my skills in a way my other work experience could not.”

This year’s recipients will assist with research in areas related to International Drugs Policy, International History, and Islamophobia discourse in the international media.
“Being an LSE student is more than just coursework and qualifications – it’s also about starting to build a career,” said Adeola Akande Pierre-Noël, Centre Manager for the US Centre. “That is why we are immensely proud of the five Undergraduate Research Assistantships we’re offering this year.”

The programme also benefits the academic community, enabling faculty to work alongside and learn from their students in new ways. Professor Peter Trubowitz, Director of the US Centre, commented: “The US Centre undergraduate research assistantship programme is a “win-win” for LSE students and faculty alike.”

The programme is an example of numerous School-wide initiatives enhancing the student experience that are supported annually by regular giving gifts from LSE alumni and friends. 


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