Philanthropy and LSE

New Futures Fund scholars

LSE 2030 will help to shape the future of LSE and the global societies we serve – and philanthropy will be integral to the School’s success in educating for impact, producing research for the world, and developing LSE for everyone, helping us to:

  • Provide more scholarships and bursaries to support the brilliant minds from global communities and a wide range of social backgrounds who can lead and sustain the social sciences
  • Attract and recruit the world-leading faculty who will educate and inspire the next generation of civil society leaders – and produce research that transforms the world.
  • Invest in the research funds that offer our  faculty the flexibility to push at the boundaries of knowledge
  • Create for today and tomorrow a campus that promotes a vibrant learning and research environment, characterised by exceptional facilities as we seek to educate, share knowledge and convene the world in London, embracing new technology and new ways of learning and discovery.

We are privileged to work in partnership with our supporters to deliver the School’s mission. This support takes many forms, from landmark gifts – to help provide an enhanced campus and infrastructure, philanthropic scholarships, innovative world-changing research programmes and academic chairs – to unrestricted support which help student-led activities enhancing the student experience and faculty-led institutional initiatives improving teaching and research.

All academic departments and research centres can also now accept regular gifts from donors, coordinated through PAGE, with 27 departments and 12 centres receiving support in the last financial year.

Philanthropy: helping to shape a world-leading institution

LSE was founded on a single gift left by our first legator, Henry Hunt Hutchinson, a retired Derby lawyer who had been a member of and donor to the Fabian Society. The gift gave our founders the confidence and financial backing to seek further funding to create the London School of Economics and Political Science– a centre to encourage research and study for the betterment of society.

The generosity of alumni, friends and partners has been integral to the School ever since – from unrestricted regular gifts through to transformative philanthropy. This includes the generous gift in 1912 from the Sir Ratan Tata Trust to Sidney and Beatrice Webb enabling the development of applied social studies. It continued with support from the Laura Spellman Memorial in the 1920s and The Rockefeller Foundation in the 1930s which helped to shape the School as a world leading social sciences institution, through to the Library Appeal in 1978 which raised over £2 million for the creation of the British Library of Political and Economic Science.

More recently, landmark gifts have led to the creation of The Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, The Marshall Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity Programme.

Philanthropic income secured in 2018/19

In 2018/19, more than £24 million was raised in new gifts and pledges – a 32% increase in new philanthropic commitments compared to the last financial year and a 132% increase from five years ago. These gifts are helping to strengthen LSE through scholarships and bursaries that widen participation, by supporting outstanding teaching and research and our world-leading faculty, and by providing campus enhancements that transform the LSE experience of the entire School community.

We look forward to working together for continued success.