Pass the Torch Scholarships established

Two young LSE alumni are jointly funding a new scholarship programme for UK and EU undergraduates, commencing in 2016/17.

Pass the Torch

Manuel Stotz and Ian Osborne have generously pledged £180,000 each, which will allow a total of six students to attend LSE over the next three years.

The first two recipients of the scholarship began their studies at the School this academic year. Camilla Yahaya, a BSc Social Policy with Government student, and Toby Antons-Jones, studying Business Mathematics and Statistics, are settling into life as LSE undergraduate students.

French born Camilla worked in community volunteering in Southeast London, where she lived from the age of 13, and has ambitions to continue doing so professionally and to work in the civil service. She believes her course will help her to develop relevant skills.

“I have seen first hand the interaction and influence of government, history, politics, and economics,” she said. “This has convinced me that to progress and make a difference, my course at LSE will be key. I hope these three years will enable me to begin practically applying my understanding and my passion: understanding the development of the UK and its future direction, the role of the state, the workings of the system, the society it services, and my role within it. This scholarship enables me to apply myself completely to my course.”

British born Toby Antons-Jones said: “Coming from a single parent household, I could not be more grateful for such an opportunity – and I know my mother is thrilled, too. I can now comfortably afford to join a variety of societies and purchase necessary course materials, meaning that I can take advantage of everything the School has to offer. My learning would have been noticeably more difficult without this generous support.”  

Camilla’s and Toby’s stories demonstrate why creating the scholarship mattered so much to Manuel and Ian.  Manuel – himself a beneficiary of the Stelios scholarship programme while at LSE – commented: "We are delighted to found this programme at LSE. For us, it is important not just to give back, but to begin this new relationship with the School comparatively early in our careers, on which foundations we hope to build in the future.”

Discussing the ‘Pass the Torch’ name for the scholarship, Manuel added: “We chose the name of the scholarships by way of recognising the responsibility of our generation to pass on the advantage of our LSE education to the next."

Ian Osborne said:

We want these scholarships to have the broadest possible reach across Europe, and as such they are available to all UK and European undergraduates of whatever discipline. By covering the cost of living in London, we hope to ensure recipients can enjoy as diverse an experience at the School as we did. Beyond the financial support, we will be glad to help the recipients with any advice and help that we can offer.