AXA Research Fund supports two LSE projects

61_Bandiera_BannerThe AXA Research Fund, the international scientific philanthropy initiative of the AXA insurance group, supports academic research dedicated to a better understanding of important hazards, risks and threats and current global societal challenges.
In 2016, the Fund is committing €15.6 million to support 44 research projects in 16 countries, including eight projects with academics at UK universities. The eight projects supported in the UK include two research programmes at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE).

AXA has awarded Professor Jeff Chwieroth, Professor of International Political Economy in the Department of International Relations and Research Associate of the Systemic Risk Centre, 250,000 Euros in the research area of systemic risk. Deeply concerned by financial fragilities in many non-democracies, Professor Chwieroth will lead an innovative three-year project, as he compares how different types of non- democratic regimes react and respond when affected by financial crises. Read more here.

AXA has also awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship of 120,000 Euros to Dr Emily Freeman in the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at LSE. Dr Freeman’s research seeks to understand the landscape of long-term care in Sub-Saharan Africa and the risks—behavioural, social and economic—if these needs are not met. In sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly southern Africa, not only are numbers of older people expected to increase dramatically, older adults are at greater risk of poverty and poor health. Actors across the board, from social scientists to health professionals to policymakers, are recognising the need for new options for long term care. Dr Freeman’s systematic approach could help bring into focus the best possibilities for the continent’s many populations, both young and old. Read more here.