Mother and son honour two generations at LSE

Two rooms in 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields have been named in honour of LSE alumni from the Department of Economics. This comes after a generous gift from Opal Dunn, the wife of J-J Dunn MBE (BSc Economics 1952) and their son Richard (BSc Economics 1984, MSc Economics 1985).

The Graduate Students Study Room on the first floor will be named the J-J Dunn Room, while teaching Room G.06 on the ground floor will be named the Richard Dunn Room. J-J Dunn MBE, who passed away in 2007, worked for the British diplomatic service in Cambodia, Malaysia and Japan, while son Richard held several positions at Merrill Lynch including in Japan and the USA.

“LSE greatly influenced two generations of our family and so we welcomed the opportunity to make a contribution to the study environment of future graduates,” Opal said. “With my late husband studying under Sir Charles Webster and Sir Karl Popper, and Richard following later under Professor Lord Layard, LSE academics were often referred to in family conversation. It was at the School that they both made lifelong friends, while these LSE experiences became the basis for their respective careers in international cultural exchange and finance.”

She added: “My late husband would have been proud to help, and with LSE’s impact on two generations of our family, my son and I thought we would commemorate this by the naming of two study rooms close to one another.”