Students given development project opportunity thanks to Annual Fund

Annual Fund support has enabled 30 LSE students to travel to Ghana as part of the LSESU Global Brigades 2013 project. 

The project sees LSE students participate in development programmes, providing an opportunity for them to apply their subject knowledge to grass-roots, real-world projects. This year allowed students interested in the development sector to gain much needed experience, and Annual Fund backing helped to cover some of their travel expenses.

Two ‘Brigades’ travelled to Ghana: the Law/Human Rights Brigade worked with under resourced rural communities who were largely unaware of their legal rights; while the Microfinance Brigade provided rural communities with the educational, financial and organisational resources necessary to sustainably drive their own economic development. 

“Understanding development from academic sources is very different to taking part in projects like this,” said Kingsley Walker, Fundraising Officer for the LSESU Global Brigades 2013 Project. “This was an invaluable way for LSE students to apply subject knowledge towards making a genuine impact upon developing countries at the micro-level.”

He added: “Annual Fund support means that every student involved now has a deepened understanding of poverty and how it affects communities around the world. Students are rarely given such a chance during their academic career, and we thank Annual Fund donors for supporting such an opportunity.”