LSE enters into strategic partnership with CAF


LSE is pleased to announce generous support pledged by CAF–development bank of Latin America for research into the developing trend of South-South cooperation. Academics in LSE's Department of International Relations are seeking to examine the evolving role of emerging nations on the international stage, and CAF's pledge for funding is set to further this agenda.

CAF-funded research led by Dr Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, into the growing importance of Latin America, China, India, and Africa on a global scale will form the basis of an international conference hosted by LSE next year.

The funding will also support a three-month postdoctoral fellowship within LSE’s Department of International Relations, as well as a postgraduate scholarship for students from CAF’s 18 member states.

A strategic partnership between the two institutions was agreed during a meeting between CAF CEO and executive president, Enrique García and LSE Director Craig Calhoun in February. During his visit to LSE, President García also met with senior academics and students, and gave a public lecture at the School on The Challenges of Latin America and the New Global South. A podcast of this talk is available online

Professor Calhoun said LSE was looking forward to working with CAF in academic and research activities that had a positive impact on national and international public policies, with the goal of promoting sustainable and inclusive development.

“I strongly welcome this support from CAF. It further strengthens LSE’s links with Latin America through a meaningful partnership with a thoughtful organisation which recognises the important role of academic research.”

Mr García praised the agreement, and added: “This represents a significant step for CAF’s external relations in view of LSE’s prestige and excellence in the academic world.”

He continued: “This partnership will contribute to CAF’s presence and visibility in the UK and Europe, as well as strengthen our role as a relevant knowledge generator for Latin America. It will also allow us to boost our strategic partnerships’ network with universities and global academic centres.”

CAF's mission is to promote sustainable development and regional integration by financing projects in the public and private sectors, and provide technical cooperation and other specialised services. Established in 1970 and currently with 18 member countries – 16 in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Spain and Portugal – and 14 private banks, CAF is one of the main sources of multilateral financing and an important creator of knowledge for the region.