Alumnus' landmark scholarship gift

A landmark renewal of philanthropic support has brought the cumulative giving of one of the School’s valued and long-standing donors to over £1 million.

Bill Bottriell (BSc Economics 1978), pictured (far left) with his 2013 scholars, founded the Bottriell Scholarship in 2002, and since then has been influential in providing opportunities for underprivileged UK students to study at LSE. Bill’s original gift to LSE funded one undergraduate scholar from the UK through three years of study, and, since that time, he has generously increased his support to provide scholarships for many others. To date, the Scholarship has helped 20 students realise their dreams of higher education in a variety of subjects, regardless of their financial means. His recent gift is set to continue this tradition.

Bill has had a long-standing association with the School since his graduation with a BSc in Economics in 1978. He is currently a member of the LSE Court of Governors and a member of the School's Development Committee. Over the last 11 years, Bill has donated over £1 million towards scholarships at the School.

Following his studies, Bill co-founded London IT recruitment business, SThree, with Simon Arber in 1986, and in 2005 it was floated on the London Stock Exchange. The first of his family to attend university, Bill appreciates as well as any other the importance of providing an LSE education to those who aren’t able to fund themselves. He commented: “As an alumnus myself, I feel a moral imperative to ensure that the next generation of bright and enthusiastic young minds aren’t denied the same experiences I benefited from due to circumstances outside of their control.”

He retains a strong belief that his scholars will repay the faith that he has invested in them. “I am incredibly proud of all the Bottriell scholars,” he said. “I am confident they will go on to do great things and to give others the same chance that they were given.”

The Bottriell Scholars come from a variety of backgrounds, and have studied various subjects including Law, Social Policy, Geography, Government and Accounting. All are truly grateful for the support they have received.

“I feel it is impossible to overstate the difference the scholarship made to me,” said Christopher Randall (LLB 2010). “Being awarded the scholarship let me know that somebody somewhere had confidence in me, and when one knows this it can only improve one’s confidence.”

“I would never have been able to start my way down this very long road of study without Bill there to back me up,” said Christopher Blunt (BSc Philosophy 2010). Rabiya Aslam (BSc Economics 2010) described herself as ‘grateful and humbled’ by the help she has received: “Bill’s generosity has been a huge blessing on my life. Knowing that I had his support gave me the courage to reach my potential – I hope that I can continue this selflessness for someone else in need.”

The latest recipient of the scholarship, Zaahirah Adam, currently studying the LLB course in the Department of Law, emphasised how Bill’s support has enabled her to concentrate more fully on her studies, alleviating pressure on her to maintain a part time job. “Thanks to Bill’s donation and help, I stand in very good stead to achieve my dreams,” she said. “I have discovered a new form of determination to succeed and continue on the search for knowledge, so I, just like Bill, can give back to society and inspire others.”