Thank you to everyone who played their part in the Matched Funding Scheme

In 2008 the UK government introduced the Matched Funding Scheme, a three year initiative to encourage philanthropic giving to UK universities, which came to an end on 31 July 2011. The final year of the scheme has been the Annual Fund's most successful year to date, with the fund receiving £902,196 from 3,273 donors.

Throughout the initiative every £3 donated to the Annual Fund was matched by a further £1, meaning that the £2,479,415 raised within the past three years has been able to have an even greater impact on life at the School.

The scheme has been a big success at the School with an increase in the number of donors and the size of the average gift. In the 2007-08 financial year, the number of donors to the Annual Fund was 2,894 which increased to 3,273 in the last year of the initiative. In the same period, the average gift made to the fund increased by 27 per cent to £267.

Through the support of alumni and friends of LSE who choose to support the Annual Fund it is able to have a large effect at the School, you can find out more about the impact of the fund, and the projects that is supports through the Impact of the Annual Fund webpage.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Annual Fund throughout the scheme.