LSE Annual Fund supports public engagement on Africa

Thanks to support from alumni, the Africa International Affairs Programme in LSE IDEAS received a grant of £26,600 from the LSE Annual Fund last year. This enabled the School to hold a series of public lectures and seminars on a range of contemporary topics.

These events included:

  • The Aid/Trade Debate: Africa and globalisation by Dr Shanta Devarajan, the chief economist of the World Bank's Africa Region
  • The Miracle of Mauritius? by Pierre Dinan (BSc Accounting and Finance 1961), head of the LSE Mauritius Alumni Group and member of the Monetary Committee of the Bank of Mauritius
  • Robert Mugabe: What Happened?, the award winning documentary’s UK premiere followed by a panel discussion with the director Simon Bright and Mike Auret Snr (formerly MDC MP and chairman, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace)
  • Piracy in Somalia: inside the pirate business by Professor Stig Hansen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and consultant at NATO
  • Iran and Israel: covert war games in Africa by independent journalist and LSE alumnus, Dino Mahtani (MSc in Comparative Politics 2002)

These events attracted large audiences and underscore the interest in Africa by the public, and provided an excellent forum for Africanists and African academics to present their research. They are available as podcasts on the LSE IDEAS webpages.

The LSE IDEAS Africa International Affairs Programme is designed to promote greater understanding of the extent to which the recent past in Africa has a particular importance and relevance for contemporary domestic politics and economies, inter-state relations, and the continent's relationship with the wider world. It aims to support historical and political theory research and its publication, as well as the promotion of young African academics.