Dahrendorf Symposium Blog launch

The Dahrendorf Symposium, to be held in Berlin in November 2011, is a major collaboration between British and German universities entitled "Changing the Debate on Europe – Moving Beyond Conventional Wisdoms". The initiative, led by LSE and the Hertie School of Governance, is supported by Stiftung Mercator. It is designed as a fitting tribute to the intellectual and public legacies of the late Lord Ralf Dahrendorf the eighth Director of LSE.

At the symposium, leading figures from academia, politics, industry, civil society and the media from across the continent will discuss Europe under a number of themes: Europe as a space of contestation and conflict management, Europe as an ideological space and as a vision, Europe as a social space, Europe as a political economy, and Global Europe.

In advance of the symposium a blog has been set up to encourage collaboration between participants to broaden the discussion to policy makers and the general public. One of the early contributors was David Miliband, the former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, who wrote about the important and timely role of the symposium with the European project under significant existential threat.

The symposium draws inspiration from Lord Dahrendorf whose public service in the UK, Germany and in the EU helps provide an overarching theme to the event. He was a significant force in both political and academic life – in the UK, Germany and across Europe, and believed that the publicintellectual should "pose the questions that otherwise no one dares ask". The inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium has encourages research groups and participants to pose those questions on Europe

The blog can be viewed by visiting blog.dahrendorf-symposium.eu/, and for more information about the symposium can be found at www.dahrendorf-symposium.eu.