Place and purpose

Our campus in the heart of London connects public and private enterprise with a remarkable flow of LSE people and ideas.

You can play a leading role in helping us to create inspirational spaces that will bring people together for world-class teaching, learning and research.

To remain world leading in the 21st century, we must redefine what it means for people to receive and create knowledge together. We must provide buildings and facilities that are commensurate with the students and staff who use them and the insight and ideas that are formed within them.

The aim to create forward-looking, flexible and innovative design that will readily respond to the needs of our students and staff lies at the core of our bold plans for our campus. You can play a leading role in helping us to create inspirational spaces that bring people together to inspire and challenge each other, and state-of the-art facilities that promote collaboration and natural dialogue between faculty and students as they push the boundaries of academia to advance society in the 21st century and beyond.

We would welcome your support for two major construction projects currently taking place on our campus:

We are excited to be working with LSE and its most generous benefactors to create the best environment possible for the university and its students. Our new addition to the campus will enrich the urban context and reflect the essence of LSE.

Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, architects of the Centre Building redevelopment