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Shaping ideas for impact

With philanthropic investment, we can build on existing research and teaching strengths for maximum global impact.

In a moment of great instability and uncertainty, and after a difficult and flat decade, there is now a great opportunity to build back better for a new decade that is inclusive and has sustainable growth.

As the world’s most international university, we work with international governments, corporates, NGOs, partner institutions and national banks to provide thought leadership, insights and sustainable solutions.

With philanthropic investment, we can advance existing research and teaching strengths for maximum global impact, including:

  • Social cohesion, governance and democracy
    Understanding how we strengthen our social infrastructure and governance is as important as fostering economic growth in building the post-COVID world. We are developing research and collaboration that reduces threats to social cohesion and democratic systems.
  • Health and wellbeing
    We are working with global policymakers on sound health policy to improve public health now and in the future, including how health and social care systems should change as a result of the pandemic.
  • Climate, environment, extinction and sustainability
    Recovery must be green, inclusive and sustainable: we must build back better. LSE experts will continue to focus on how we maximise the opportunities generated by sustainable development and the low-carbon transition, and how people and organisations can thrive in a rapidly urbanising world.
  • Prosperity and financial stability
    Wealth inequality is growing, incomes are falling, employment is increasingly precarious, and half of our routine and repetitive jobs are likely to be soon automated. Our research is answering key questions for the world, including how to foster and share growth, and how to make growth and wealth creation sustainable.