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The social sciences have a vital part to play as the world seeks to recover from the pandemic.
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For the last 125 years, LSE has been the place for outstanding research in economic, political and social policy. In 2008, The Bank of England and Federal Reserve used LSE research to engineer a recovery after the global financial crisis.But today the world is facing different kinds of crises.

Natural and social sciences must work in partnership to tackle climate change and COVID-19. LSE’s research is integral to understanding human behaviour and how individuals, communities and nations function during economic, health and societal crises.

As a world-leading social science institute, our ability to convene the greatest minds across the disciplines brings the responsibility – and opportunity – to lead the social science research response now and in the post-COVID future. 

Since the pandemic, we have been advising policymakers on behavioural responses to social distancing, the economic impact of the crisis on individuals, firms, sectors and regions, or public attitudes to policy decisions and expert advice, and many other issues.  Looking forwards, questions on how the crisis will shape the economy, society, politics, education and healthcare will need to be answered.

Supporting LSE research 

Our research expertise has been greatly enabled through the generosity of you, our alumni and friends. Today, as with 125 years ago, the philanthropic support of our community remains vital.

I seek your support today for the COVID-19 LSE Response Fund, which has been established to enable research solutions that will offer expert knowledge, analysis and advice to national and international policymakers. Your support will help us address immediate research needs, seed-fund new knowledge exchange initiatives and grow our current research projects which are already helping to create a stronger, fairer and more sustainable world.

The social sciences have a vital part to play as the world seeks to recover from the pandemic. With the support of our community – with your help – LSE’s research response to COVID-19 can help shape a better world.

Thank you.

Professor Simon Hix
Pro-Director for Research, LSE

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