Alumni Ambassadors

As an alum you are ideally placed to share your unique knowledge about studying at LSE with prospective students from your part of the world, and the Alumni Ambassadors programme offers a great chance to be involved in LSE's student recruitment work, acting as an informal advice-giver to potential future applicants.

Alumni Ambassadors will be profiled on our Email an Alum website. The Email an Alum service gives prospective students the opportunity to contact LSE graduates and ask them questions about their experiences prior to, during and following their time at the School.

All messages are sent via LSE Student Marketing and Recruitment, so private email addresses are not shared with enquirers. For reasons of privacy we also profile alumni on the site using first names only.

From time to time the LSE Student Recruitment Office may invite Alumni Ambassadors to participate in events taking place around the world. However the primary way that you participate will be through the Email an Alum service.

We are not currently recruiting new Alumni Ambassadors.