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How do I defer my offer to 2018/9?

If you hold a current offer for the 2017/8 session but are unable to attend, you may apply to defer your offer until the next session, in writing or using the form below by 20 October 2017. Please note that being granted a deferral is not guaranteed, and you can request to defer entry only once and for one year only.

By requesting a deferral it may invalidate any financial support offered, as awards cannot be carried over from one year to the next. If you fail to take up your place the following year you would need to reapply.

If the request for deferral is refused, your original offer will remain valid for the current session. You can also reinstate your application for consideration the following year as long as the programme is running. The Graduate Admissions Office will retain all applications until 12 November 2017 - after this date, all unsuccessful, withdrawn or pending applications are destroyed. If you wish your documents to be retained and your application to be reinstated you must write to the Graduate Admissions Office before this deadline (use the online reinstatement form). You will be required to pay a further application fee and your application will be considered in the normal way for the following academic year.

If your deferral is granted, you will need to secure your deferred offer for 2018/9. You must pay a non-refundable deposit of £1,000. This amount will be offset against your tuition fees when you register at LSE. You may pay the deposit by credit card via the LSE eShop, or by £sterling cheque (please write your name and admissions number on the reverse). Further details of payment will be enclosed with the official deferral confirmation letter. Your new offer will be issued once you have paid the deferral deposit, starting in January 2018. If you are likely to have difficulty in paying the deposit, or if you are not sure that you will be able to take up your place in 2018, you should reinstate  your application to be considered alongside the new cohort. Although this does not guarantee your offer in the same way as a deferral, the vast majority of applicants who choose to do this are made an offer in the following year.

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