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How do I request a GRE or GMAT waiver?

The Department of Finance require a GRE or GMAT for consideration for their degree programmes - in exceptional circumstances this condition may be waived. If you have applied for one of the following programmes and wish to request a waiver please complete and submit the form below after submitting your application form. Requests submitted without a complete application will not be considered.

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  • Request to waive The GRE/GMAT requirement.
    This form is only valid for the programmes stated. Other programmes do not allow waivers.
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  • Programme
  • Waivers are rarely granted for the MSc Risk and Finance programme. Applicants are expected to have first class degree and be able to demonstrate full fluency in English

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions below:

By submitting this form, you authorise us to rely and act upon all apparently valid instructions as properly authorised by you, even if they may conflict with any other mandate given at any time concerning your affairs. We may refuse to act on an instruction, for example if we know of or suspect a breach of security. You must make sure that any instruction is accurate and complete and we are not liable if this is not the case.