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Find out what our students have to say about their Summer School experience

I think the experience and the exposure to different teaching styles has given me a different perspective about life and what I really want to do.
Peter Deng, University of Melbourne, Australia
Summer School 2022 Summer School 2022
Find out what our students think of LSE Summer School.

From studying at a world-class institution, to making new friends from all over the globe, our students get the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

That’s why 97% of our students from over 90 nationalities would recommend Summer School to a friend.

Here's what our students had to say:



University of Cambridge, UK

IR100: Great Thinkers and Pivotal Leaders: Shaping the Global Order


"It was incredible to have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned academics. They really helped to redefine my understanding and the way I thought about my subject.

I enjoyed being able to learn amongst such a diverse group of people who had such a variety of global and cultural perspectives. I have made so many new friends with people from all over the world during my time here and we're definitely going to stay in touch.

London is such a dynamic and historically important city to study in, and LSE’s centrally located campus allowed us to explore it to the full. We could visit places such as the Imperial War Museum or the National Portrait Gallery and experience first-hand topics that we had just been discussing in class."



Northeastern University, USA
ME314: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning
EC320: Applied Econometrics and Big Data
EC104: The Wealth (and Poverty) of Nations: Global Economic Development Past and Present


"You'll find yourself throughout the Summer School experience either being focused on your coursework, professional development or social events, so you don't have too much time to just sit around and do nothing.

I've been here for nine weeks, so I found myself becoming more and more like a local and enjoying those little things that maybe a local would do. I've especially enjoyed Camden market. I've never experienced a market like that with such a melting pot of cultures.

Living in LSE accommodation and going to classes I've made a bunch of new friends, not just from the United States, but worldwide. Embarking on those same journeys together has been a great adventure and definitely something I'm going to cherish for years to come."




Tilburg University, Netherlands

EC320: Applied Econometrics and Big Data


“I’ve really enjoyed spending time in London, it really is an amazing city. It's been great going for walks and discovering new places, whether it's something historically significant or even just a coffee shop. 

The faculty at LSE really impressed me. It was great to learn from people that are experts in their field and they were so approachable and open to any questions we had. You will learn so much during just three weeks at LSE - whether your goal is to advance your career or you are just interested in the topic. 

I’ve found the campus facilities to be excellent here; there are so many places to study and so many places to explore. You can go to the library for quiet study and there are also more relaxed spaces across campus for group study too.”




University of Oklahoma, USA

MG204: Leadership in Organisations


“My course was very practical and I gained transferable knowledge that can be applied to real world scenarios. The teaching here has been really transformative and I feel that my experience at Summer School will help take my career to the next level.

I really took advantage of the Social Programme during my time here and attended as many events as I could. The Oxford and Cambridge trips in particular were fascinating. It was great to experience places with such rich cultural histories, with completely different atmospheres to London.

I also took part in the CV and Cover Letter workshops, practical sessions that taught us how to showcase our skills to future employers. I’m very grateful for the amazing career development advice I have received during my time here.”