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Social programme terms & conditions

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Tania Delavita Malik, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Standard Terms & Conditions

Sale of Tickets

1. Tickets purchased are for personal use. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is unable to offer refunds on tickets purchased but you may give or resell your ticket to a LSE student, with the exception of the Sunset Cruise event.

2. All tickets resold must not be sold at a price greater than the original cost of the ticket.  Any reselling of tickets at inflated costs is in breach of the terms. A breach of this condition will entitle LSE to cancel the tickets.

3. If you resell your ticket, you must inform LSE via email to of the new ticket holder; name, student ID, email address and contact telephone number, giving at least 48 hours’ notice prior to the event. You will receive a confirmation email once the ticket transfer has been authorised. Ticket transfers are only final once this has authorisation notice has been received.

Event joining instructions

4. You will receive an automatic email once you have purchased tickets containing event joining instructions.  Please check your spam or junk folders if the email has not been received. 

5. You must inform LSE of any change to your contact phone number or email address before the event via email to  This is to ensure we can keep you informed of any necessary changes or additional event details.

Delivery and Collection of Tickets

6. Ticket delivery methods will be clearly noted on your confirmation email. If the event requires you to pick up a hard copy ticket, pick up times, dates and locations will be detailed within this confirmation email.

7. To collect tickets, students must present their student ID. 

8. Please ensure you do not lose your ticket for an event; it is very unlikely we will be able to replace it. 

Filming and Photography

9. On rare occasions the event may be photographed or filmed by an official LSE representative. Buying a ticket affirms your consent to being photographed or filmed at the event. If you have any objections, please contact a member of LSE staff at the event. 

Proof of Age

10. When attending the event with age restrictions, please carry proof of age.

Personal Belongings

11. Please ensure you keep your belongings safe at events, we cannot be held liable for theft, loss or damage of your belonging at events.

The Conduct of Students

12.  Students of the School must conduct themselves in an orderly, responsible manner and at all times must respect the rights and views of others.  Failure to do so is an offence under this Procedure.  The following list, although not exhaustive, provides examples of the kinds of behaviour which will be considered a breach of this Procedure.  No registered student of LSE will:

12.1. engage in any act that will, or is likely to, disrupt an event or the administrative work of the School;

12.2. cause, or threaten to cause, injury to, or endanger the safety of, a member of staff or student of the School, or an event representative;

12.3. behave dishonestly;

12.4. engage in any form of conduct or communication that can reasonably be  considered to be bullying or harassment of a member of staff or student, as  it is defined by the School’s Harassment Policy;

12.5. engage in any conduct or communication that will, or is likely to, bring the School into disrepute or unjustifiably harm the reputation of a member of it; this includes (but is not limited to) engaging in any behaviour that will contravene the School's Ethics Code (the School has a separate procedure for dealing with students who wish to raise a complaint against a member of staff);

12.6. commit a criminal act during an event  that may, although not necessarily  will, be punishable in a court of law;

12.7. use any of the School’s or event providers’ facilities improperly; damage or deface property