LSE LIFE and LSE Wellbeing

We have teamed up with departments from all over the LSE to help you make the most out of your Summer School experience.



LSE LIFE offer drop-in sessions and one-on-one advice, which is available to all Summer School students.

LSE LIFE is a place where you can come to learn more about yourself, your studies and your goals. They offer a plethora of workshops and access to their online resources where you can learn more about the skills and personal interests you choose to explore. You can take part in one-to-one sessions to help you discover your strengths, develop your skills and bring them together to reach your goals. 

Find out more about what LSE LIFE can offer you while you’re studying at the LSE Summer School.

LSE Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is essential to a well-rounded Summer School experience, and we have teamed up with LSE Wellbeing to provide a wealth of resources to ensure you have the best possible experience living and studying abroad.

The Student Wellbeing Service is a collection of services dedicated to helping you improve your wellbeing whilst studying at LSE. These include a wide range of support services that help to cultivate student welfare and make sure that your presence in the school is a rewarding and meaningful experience. Services are free, confidential and based on self-referral.

As well as general services, LSE Wellbeing will host a series of workshops for Summer School students including how to sleep better, good self-care, mindfulness and stress management, presentation skills and confidence and more. 

Learn more about LSE Wellbeing.

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