Professional Skills

At LSE Summer School, we don’t only offer a world-class education, we also offer you world-class extracurricular activities to encourage your professional development as well as your academic growth.



Our Professional Skills programme complements your academic programme, and comprises workshops, events and resources to help you develop your job search strategy, understand key industries, grow digital and data skills, and better understand yourself in the context of your future career.

Lizzie Darlington, Director of LSE Careers, explains how your Summer School experience helps you stand out from the crowd and how to talk about these experiences in interviews. 

  • Career Strategy
    Develop a winning CV and cover letter, excel at interviews and assessment centres, and develop your personal brand and career narrative.
  • Industry Insights
    Explore career opportunities in key sectors, learn from graduate hirers what it takes to land your dream job, and explore the possibilities in entrepreneurship. 
  • Digital and Data
    Grow your digital and data skills with access to LSE Digital Skills Lab which includes coding, web design and data workshops.
  • Self-awareness
    Learn about yourself and develop your skills, from presenting and negotiating, to effective networking, the importance of emotional intelligence and even improvisation.
  • Study Skills
    Get the tools you need to get the most out of your learning opportunities at LSE Summer School and beyond, supported by LSE Life
Soft skills are an increasingly important element of a well-rounded graduate. In a rapidly changing working environment teams must quickly adapt. Employers are looking for graduates who can show resilience, flexibility, communication skills and teamwork.

Lizzie Darlington, Director of LSE Careers


Professional Skills Events and Resources:

Tickets can be booked on a first come, first served basis and will be released two weeks before each event.


Summer School Lecture Series

Aside from our public lecture programmes, we have a lecture series designed for Summer School students.

Learn more about the Summer School Lecture Series.


LSE Careers Summer School Series

LSE Careers, the careers services department at LSE, will be offering weekly sessions, helping students with a range of skills and strategies for a success job search. These will include useful tools for the current times, such as virtual and online networking, career search and job planning in a challenging context, developing your online personal brand, identifying values and skills and lots more! 

CV workshop

If you need help creating a CV that stands out from the crowd, we offer an engaging session with LSE Careers. 

Cover Letter workshop

A cover letter accompanies your CV/resume as part of a job application and is your first opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers. This workshop, run by LSE Careers, will give you the tools you need for this critical element of job hunting.

LSE Generate panel discussion

We will be hosting a series of events with LSE Generate, the entrepreneurship centre at LSE. Keep an eye out for events such as a panel event with successful start-up alumni, women in entrepreneurship and a pitching competition judged by Summer School students!

LSE LIFE and LSE Wellbeing

LSE LIFE and LSE Wellbeing offer one-on-one advice to help you with study skills in the workplace and strategies for maintaining your wellbeing.

LSE LIFE will offer a session on how to write essays that LSE markers like to read. 

LSE Wellbeing will host a weekly session on a range of topics to help with your personal well being, including how to worry effectively and practicing mindfulness.

Learn more about what LSE LIFE and LSE Wellbeing can offer you.

Postgraduate sessions

Looking to continue into postgraduate education at LSE? We offer advice on the postgraduate opportunities available and how you can move further with your academic career.

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