Spark - Professional Skills

At LSE Summer School, we don’t only offer a world-class education, we also offer you world-class extracurricular activities to enhance your professional development as well as your academic growth.


The Spark programme is a hands-on learning experience that will give you the knowledge, the foundational skills, the contact with real-world business founders and leaders, and the international network to:

  • Drive your success in your future career
  • Bring creativity, innovation and break-through ideas to your future roles
  • Connect with your real passions
  • And lay the foundations of your own future enterprise.

Spark is unique. Fully integrated into LSE’s renowned Summer School for students and expertly designed with the support of LSE Careers, Digital Skills Lab, LSE LIFE and the School’s entrepreneurship hub, LSE Generate, Spark is a programme of exciting courses,  immersive activities, bootcamps,  panels, pitches, workshops and next-gen learning opportunities that bring you face-to-face with some of the most dynamic and exciting founders and business leaders in the LSE entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

The entrepreneurs bootcamp and the raft of Spark activities give young people unique access to practitioners’ experience about questions that every entrepreneur must ask (and answer) about their business.

Dr Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe, Assistant Professor of Finance, FM200: Entrepreneurial Finance


You gain privileged access to our trailblazers, change makers and thought leaders – ideators, entrepreneurs, start-up gurus, investors and student and alumni founders who are changing the face of business today. Innovators who will challenge you to rethink what you know. To unearth your true passions. To recalibrate your skills. And to build the resilience, the innovation mindset, the agility and the confidence to set the course of your career, wherever it takes you. 

So whether you want to work in a Fortune 500 or an NGO, whether you see yourself in consulting or commerce, finance or fashion, information technology or infrastructure – or even if your dream is launch your own unicorn – we invite you to join us this summer. And "Spark" the future that you want.


Spark Events and Resources:

  • Entrepreneurs Bootcamp
    Discover the skills and techniques to ideate, pitch and launch and scale your own startup ideas
  • Founder Talks and Panels
    Meet and connect with some of the most original thinkers actively reshaping our future today
  • Pitching to LSE Investors
    Build world-class presentation skills and the confidence to sell your ideas with style, poise and vision
  • Career Confidence for Life
    Develop the soft skills, digital skills, industry knowledge, creativity and resilience you need for sustained success in a fast-changing career landscape
  • Online Content Platform
    Take the learning further, access LSE blogs, features, tips and videos via the LSE Spark platform 


Lizzie Darlington, Director of LSE Careers, explains how your Summer School experience helps you stand out from the crowd and how to talk about these experiences in interviews. 

Soft skills are an increasingly important element of a well-rounded graduate. In a rapidly changing working environment teams must quickly adapt. Employers are looking for graduates who can show resilience, flexibility, communication skills and teamwork.

Lizzie Darlington, Director of LSE Careers


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