Corporate Solutions

Providing impactful, transformational programmes to organisations around the world

Corporate Solutions

LSE Online makes our world-leading teaching and research accessible to a global audience. We provide impactful, transformational programmes to organisations around the world. We partner with organisations to deliver our existing portfolio to meet your business needs as individuals, as a team or as part of a wider organisation. From general courses in leadership, management and strategy to highly specialised courses, your employees will gain access to the insights and teaching of LSE subject experts and thought leaders, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to enhance their career and provide immediate, long-lasting impact to your organisation. 

Learn as individuals

Our online courses can be offered to your employees as a benefit. Employees can choose the courses that are the most beneficial for their professional development, providing a personalised learning journey.

Learn as a team

Our online courses can be taken by a team in your organisation in a closed cohort, offering a customisable, unified, and integrated learning experience.

Learn as an organisation

Our online courses can be delivered as an exclusive contextualised presentation for your company at a time of your choosing, with opportunities for co-branding.

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