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To anyone else considering taking a course at LSE, I would absolutely recommend it, world class professors, world class participants, world class location, I just don't think that you could do better
Marina Best, Asian Development Bank

From studying at a world-class institution, to making connections across industries and all over the globe, 97% of attendees from over 60 countries would recommend LSE Executive Education Courses.

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  • 14 years
    average professional experience
  • Top 10 industry sectors represented
    Financial services, Banking, Government (non-UK), Consultancy, International trade, Education, Energy and utilities, IT and IT services, Central government, Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • 97% of participants
    would recommend LSE Executive Education Courses

Here's what some of our recent attendees had to say:

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Business and Management

Barry 200px

Barry Johnston
Global Brand Communications Director, Adidas

Achieving Leadership Excellence 

"I would recommend the course to any leader looking to cut through the noise and the soundbites, and lead the future with assurance and purpose."

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Lola Banjo
Strategic Innovation Executive, Salesforce

Achieving Leadership Excellence

"LSE is a great institution and the part of London that it's in, it's really central so you can get to do a lot of different things. I will absolutely recommend the course to my colleagues and beyond."

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Muzz 200px

Muzz Adams
Head of Performance, Investec Asset Management
Data Science for Executives

"Six months on from the course, it’s already had a big impact on my work. I’m speaking the language of a quantitative analyst and I can’t put a price on the confidence that’s given me in my conversations."

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Hana Bečičková
Vice President – Trading, TCX (The Currency Exchange Fund)
Designing Strategy for Competitive Advantage

"Thanks to Designing Strategy for Competitive Advantage, I have a mental framework that I can turn to even when the specifics of the situation are different."

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Kendall Whitlock
Associate Director, Business Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Age of Change

"To see people who were seasoned experts and seasoned faculty actively learning, it's like we all have something to take away from each other…it was a joy to be around not only the fellow students but the faculty. It's such an excellent representation of this institution, I couldn't be happier."

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Catalin 200px

Catalin Marinescu
Head of Corporate Strategy, International Telecomunnication Union

"The LSE experience makes learning accessible and easy and you have the added bonus of being in London with everything a global hub has to offer. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to take their risk-management toolkit to a whole new level."

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Pablo 200px

Pablo Morales
Health Systems Strategy Lead, Roche
Market Acces Academy 

"I was looking for a rounded understanding of the opportunities in the field. I left with a better view of the whole access universe."

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Ulrike Jacobi 200px

Ulrike Jacobi
External Affairs Lead, Amgen
Market Access Academy

"The best thing about the course was the way we were able to look at market access out of isolation. We really put it into the context of how healthcare systems work, and in that way could really examine what the challenges are."

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Pooja 200px

Pooja Prabhakhar
Managing Director, BCP Associates
Managing Risk in Organisations

"Managing Risk in Organisations genuinely gives you conceptual and practical insights, as well as a depth of knowledge, that you can bring back to your clients and to your own organisation. It’s a learning experience that I would recommend to anyone."

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blank male image

Noura Alrashid
Market Risk Officer, Saudi Capital Market Authority

"I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone looking to boost their negotiating skills in today’s complex and multi-cultural world."

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Roland 200px

Roland Gambos
Country Pharma and CFO Netherlands, Novartis

"The programme absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was expertly delivered in a way that really brought the theory to life." 

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Amy Nicholson 200px

Amy Nicholson
Product Manager, Financial Times
Strategic Decision Making for Management

"It was such a fantastic experience for me. It was planned and delivered incredibly well: the combination of learning and the social aspect made it a stand-out week."

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Dennish 200px

Dennis Kollman
Divison Manager, Strategic Account Management, Hermes Germany
Strategic Decision Making for Management

"We learned not only about how to make important decisions, but also a lot about our own biases that come into play every moment of our lives, when we make everyday decisions, as well as the big ones. The decisions I make now are more conscious, and based on facts." 

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Zarpina 200px

Zarpina Kabir
Head of Northern Europe, Advertising, Adobe
Strategic Decision Making for Management

"The principles I learned are already coming into the framework of my day-to-day – I’ve started to stop and think during my decision-making process, balancing strong solutions with strategic objectives."

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Rick Rosas 200px

Rick Rosas
Partner, PwC
Corporate Finance and Strategy

"I would definitely recommend others to study this course and if I was given the chance, I would choose to study at LSE again. The benefits I’ve gained from the course have been impressive."

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Henning Prigge 200

Henning Prigge 
Head of Acquisition & Asset Management, InvestInvent AG

Effective Asset Management

"I looked to executive study to broaden my professional horizons. I wanted to step away from my daily business, see which strategies other companies were working on and explore new business cases."

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Vegard 200px

Vegard Klubbenes Drogseth
Executive leader and Former CEO, Nordic Entertainment Group Norway
Finance for Executives

"I would not hesitate to recommend Finance for Executives to any senior leader or CEO who recognises the importance of strengthening their knowledge, skills, flexibility and confidence to lead in our changing and uncertain world."

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Marissa 200px

Marissa Torres
Senior Investment Compliance Officer, Bangko Sentral
Fixed Income: Markets, Securities and Institutions  

"I would not hesitate to recommend LSE and the Fixed Income course to anyone in my field. Not only for the tangible benefits of the course itself, but also to enjoy the LSE experience of meeting participants from other programmes, sharing ideas, and broadening perspectives with leaders from all over the world."

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Global Public Policy

Jamie Parke 200px

Jamie Parker
MP for Balmain, New South Wales
Cities: Governance, Planning and Design

"I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the interaction of policy, planning and urban development especially with a view to creating liveable cities."

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Ali Khoso 200px

Ali Khoso
Director General of Urban Policy and Strategic Planning, Karachi Government
Climate Change: Economics and Governance

"The course has given me inspiration and fuelled my sense of urgency as well as my intellectual curiosity."

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Kumar 200px

Kumar Jegarasasingam
Credit Risk Manager, Bank for International Settlements
Climate Change: Economics and Governance

"The interchange of perspectives with fellow participants, the faculty expertise and the LSE experience itself are immensely powerful in broadening your understanding."

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woman blank image

Marcela Otero
Lead Staffer, APEC Business Advisory Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chile
Managing Inclusive Development in Emerging Societies 

"I think the major highlight of the programme for me was the opportunity to gain a really broad vision of development across time and across the globe The course has really opened my mind and broadened out my perspective on key issues."

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DavidPilling 200

David Pilling
Head of Lobbying and Policy, Ombudsman Services


"The lecturers were one of the best aspects of the course. They were very entertaining, incredibly knowledgeable and really brought the subject to life."

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