Strategic Decision Making for Management

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  • Starting 2018

Enhance your strategic decision making capabilities through a unique approach that recognises the value of analysis and intuition in making high quality decisions.

5 day intensive programme running 11 - 15 June 2018

Decision making is a fundamental skill for any successful executive. But decisions at strategic level are hard to make. They require large amounts of resources and commitments which may be irreversible. They involve long-term consequences that are hard to predict. And, they require considering multiple, often conflicting, strategic objectives which are difficult to balance, particularly in the presence of risk and uncertainty.

This executive course is suitable for:

  • Executives across every department of the organisation who are dealing, or are involved with, strategic decisions

  • Managers who will be in leadership positions in the future

  • Anyone dealing with important decisions, either in private or public organisations, as well as small enterprises. 

Tuition Fee: £5,795

Includes all LSE tuition, course materials, daily lunches, and networking events. You will also be awarded an LSE certificate of completion at the end of the five days.

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Programme details

Entry requirements

Executive Education Courses are taught to the School's high standard and are therefore academically rigorous. Participants are expected to be fluent in English, with a good first degree in a relevant subject. 

As an executive programme, experience in the workplace is a key requirement. Most of our participants have more than 10 years' experience but we will consider fast-track candidates with a minimum of two years' professional experience. Additionally, some courses have specific prerequisites which are listed in the course description. 

Requirements in brief

  • Fluency in English
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Professional experience (see above)

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Programme structure

Traditional courses on strategy focus on environment analyses and a hyper-rationalistic prescription of generic positioning strategies. This approach, however, neglects that each organisation is unique, with its own strategic objectives, capabilities and strategic options – and that strategic decision making is at the core of any successful strategizing process. For these reasons our approach is focused, instead, on enhancing strategic decision making capabilities, recognising that both analysis and intuition are necessary for high quality decision making.

This unique executive course is designed to enhance your decision capabilities when confronted with strategic choices, when searching for decision opportunities, and when designing strategies – both in conditions where there is sufficient time to conduct analyses and when there is only time to choose intuitively. The course will improve your analytic and intuitive abilities to make strategic decisions under such tough conditions.

Course outcomes

During the course's highly interactive five days, participants will increase their strategic decision making capabilities on several fronts:

  • Learn a robust framework for analysing decisions with multiple objectives and uncertainties

  • Master decision modelling capabilities for representing complex strategic decisions

  • Develop decision software skills for supporting strategic decisions

  • Gain hands-on experience on modelling strategic objectives and value trade-offs, as well as uncertainties and risks

  • Learn how to assess the performance of strategies and choose high-value strategic options

  • Master the key principles of behavioural decision science

  • Learn how to better tackle decision problems that are hard to solve analytically, for lack of time, data, computational ability, or too much information

  • Become alert to systematic cognitive biases and traps that operate on individuals and groups and learn how to overcome them

  • Make better intuitive judgements in strategic decisions.

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Faculty and guest speakers

The course will be taught by:

  • Dr Barbara Fasolo

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Download a detailed course outline

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