Changing Minds, Behaviours and Decisions

  • Executive
  • Department of Management
  • Application code EE909
  • Starting 2018
  • Short course: Open
  • Location: London

Change your and others’ behaviour through a unique approach which blends the latest insights into behavioural and decision sciences.

5 day intensive programme

This course has two objectives:

  • To improve your own life and decision making capabilities. You will learn when “just thinking” is likely to end in good decisions and behaviours, and when not.
  • Gain first-hand experience on how to design successful behavioural interventions, nudges and choice architecture, as well as to assess their suitability and effectiveness.

This executive course is suitable for:

  • Executives across every department of the organisation who are dealing, or are involved with, behaviour change and decision processes.
  • Managers who will be in strategic positions in the future.
  • Anyone dealing with important decisions, either in private or public organisations, as well as small enterprises.

Tuition Fee: £5,995

Includes all LSE tuition, course materials, daily lunches, and networking events. You will also be awarded an LSE certificate of completion at the end of the five days.

Part of LSE Executive Education Courses

Programme details

Entry requirements

Executive Education Courses are taught to the School's high standard and are therefore academically rigorous. Participants are expected to be fluent in English, with a good first degree in a relevant subject.

As an executive programme, experience in the workplace is a key requirement. Most of our participants have more than 10 years' experience but we will consider fast-track candidates with a minimum of two years' professional experience. Additionally, some courses have specific prerequisites which are listed in the course description.

Requirements in brief

  • Fluency in English
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Professional experience (see above)

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Programme structure

This is a case-free, real-life, totally experiential course. There is no unique solution to any decision or policy problem – because, quite simply, no company or person is like another. Each afternoon you will, in groups, role-play with decision problems in your professional or personal life, and apply the day’s tools and knowledge to discover when ‘life simply happens’, blind-spots and solutions.

Course outcomes

During the course's highly interactive five days, participants will increase their behavioural and decision expertise by

  • Learning the most important concepts in Behavioural Science
  • Practicing the most successful tools of behaviour change
  • Having first-hand experience of unconscious influences on decisions we make intuitively
  • Discovering counter-intuitive and boomerang effects of behavioural interventions.
  • Debiasing – when it helps
  • Nudging, or designing successful ‘choice architecture’, for better intuitive decisions

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Faculty and guest speakers

The course will be taught by:

  • Professor Paul Dolan
  • Dr Barbara Fasolo

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