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I've learned some very valuable tools from the week... I think it will really help me move to the next level.
Shamim Karim, Senior Brand Manager, Tillotts Pharma, UK — Achieving Leadership Excellence


Achieving Leadership Excellence (4 - 8 Jun 2018 and 5 - 9 Nov 2018)
Examine the challenges facing today’s leaders and how organisations can create the optimal environment for effective leadership.

Designing Strategy for Competitive Advantage (4 - 8 Jun 2018)
Develop a framework to analyse dynamic competitive situations, and learn to design strategic responses.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Age of Change (4 - 8 Jun 2018)
Discover the opportunities for entrepreneurs to start new businesses and challenge executives and senior managers to transform existing ones.

Managing Risk in Organisations (11 - 15 June 2018)
Drawn from world-leading research in organisational risk, this course instils the practices critical to the effective functioning of your organisation.

Negotiation (11 - 15 June 2018 and 5 - 9 Nov 2018)
This course shares current knowledge and research with opportunities to practice negotiation skills for managers and senior practitioners.

Strategic Decision Making for Management (11 - 15 Jun 2018)
Enhance your strategic decision making capabilities through a unique approach that mixes analysis and intuition to make high quality decisions.

Faculty teaching on Executive Education Courses


Dr Jonathan E. Booth
Lecturer for: Negotiation

Assistant Professor
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Department of Management


Dr Barbara Fasolo
Lecturer for: Strategic Decision Making for Management

Associate Professor
Organisational Behaviour
Department of Management


Dr Susanna Khavul
Lecturer for: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Age of Change

Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professor
Department of Management


Dr. Connson Locke
Lecturer for: Achieving Leadership Excellence

Senior Lecturer in Practice
Organisational Behaviour
Department of Management


Dr Emma Soane
Lecturer for: Achieving Leadership Excellence | Managing Risk in Organisations

Assistant Professor of Management
Organisational Behaviour
Department of Management


Dr Lourdes Sosa
Lecturer for: Designing Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Associate Professor
Organisational Behaviour
Department of Management


Professor Paul Willman
Lecturer for: Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Age of ChangeManaging Risk in Organisations

Academic Director LSE Executive Education Courses
Department of Management


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