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Meet the participants

Students, their parents and teachers share their experiences of the LSE Widening Participation programme.

LSE mentors are dynamic role models who make a positive impression on young people
Maria Fearon, Mentor Co-ordinator at Southfields Academy


The Moving On scheme introduces primary school children to the idea of going to university and teaches them how to prepare for change.

Primary students

Moving On

The tour was great as I got to look around a REAL university at the age of 11.
Year 6 participant

The most helpful thing I learnt today is that you need 3As to come to LSE university because now I will work even harder.
Year 7 participant

Wow! What an inspirational and thought provoking day! I was amazed to see children who often struggle to formulate and share ideas having high level discussions and engaging in activities. Moving On really inspires children to understand the higher educational options available to them and to question pre-conceived ideas about university.
Deborah Hogan, teacher at Thomas Buxton Primary School

It helped them by discussing their concerns and what solutions could further support them, to help them feel more at ease at the changes they are about to face.
Primary school teacher



Our secondary school schemes assist participants with their academic skills and teach them about studying their preferred subjects at university. 

Secondary students

Promoting Potential

The benefits have been endless and El-Hajj’s confidence is now sky high. Since ‘graduating from LSE’, he regularly researches college and university courses and has identified where he wants to continue his studies. He is now enrolled with an IntoUniversity homework club to enhance his learning. Most importantly,  El-Hajj has a sense of pride, having experienced this wonderful opportunity.
Nia Bellot, parent of El-Hajj James

LSE Mentoring

I have seen first-hand the transformation mentoring can make. LSE mentors are dynamic role models who make a positive impression on young people.
Maria Fearon, Mentor Co-ordinator at Southfields Academy

"Learning about some of the challenges that younger students face, raising their aspirations - and sharing their sheer joy when they make it to amazing universities - has been an eye-opener."
Claire Hooi, LSE Mentor

LSE Tutoring

I have a wonderful, thoughtful and helpful tutor who helps with topics we're struggling with through a friendly approach.
Year 11 tutee, Westminster Academy

I have really enjoyed the tutoring scheme, the opportunity to support students in need and provide advice from a student's perspective really has been amazing. I have built a really friendly but also professional relationship with my student.
LSE tutor


Sixth form/college

Older participants can try out university-level study or undertake in-depth preparation for their chosen career.

Sixth-form students

Pathways to Law

My name is Vida and I participated on the Pathways to Law Programme from 2008 to 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the LSE campus, meeting like-minded students and gaining an insight into what reading Law would actually be like. I went on to study Law at LSE and I strongly believe that being on the programme helped me to understand better what studying at such a university would be like.

I enjoyed my time on the programme so much that I went on to become a mentor on the Pathways to Law Programme whilst at LSE and I have also assisted at the National Conference since graduating from LSE. I think the programme is such an invaluable tool for students who may be considering a studying law or considering a legal career and I was very eager to help and give back to the programme in any way I could.

I am now an associate at White and Case LLP and I am forever grateful for the insight Pathways to Law gave me into the legal profession. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone interested in the subject or the legal profession. 
Vida Marian Yiadom-Boakye, LSE LLB in Laws 2013, Associate at White and Case LLP

Pathways to Law has helped me understand what it takes to become successful in the legal profession. It has given me an insight into the different career paths and has helped me make an informed choice as to what career I want to pursue. The programme has also prepared me for university life and has ensured that I know how to make a good application to top universities. All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself during the past two years and would definitely recommend the programme to every single person wanting to study Law.
LSE Pathways to Law graduate

Pathways to Law has provided me with opportunities which would have otherwise been unavailable. Through the academic sessions at LSE I was able to explore areas of law such as human rights and family law, whilst visits to the Supreme Court and Inner Temple were vital in giving me a first-hand insight into the legal world. The work experience at Edwards Wildman that I gained through the programme gave me the practical insight I needed to decide whether or not a career in law was for me.

During my preparation for applying to university, my student mentor was on hand to guide me through the university application process and provided vital support by proof-reading countless drafts of my personal statement! It’s great that the programme includes a residential conference which gives a taste of university life as well as the chance to meet like-minded students from across the country.

Pathways to Law was instrumental in guiding me on my route to university and I am excited to join LSE and become immersed in student life!
Sneha Kumar, LSE Pathways to Law graduate


The teachers were all friendly and very energetic. You also learn a lot of new things which actually are relevant and help you in not only your A Levels but throughout your life.
LSE CHOICE graduate

Having parents that have not obtained a degree can make you feel as if you are at a disadvantage. However LSE CHOICE was instrumental in giving me the confidence, knowledge and belief that I would be able to cope with a maths-based degree. During the summer school I particularly enjoyed learning about the mathematics of the debt crisis and going through STEP papers on the Saturday sessions was a huge help.

The teachers on the programme were hugely inspiring and the programme really motivated me to work hard. I now have a place at LSE to read Mathematics with Economics and I’m really excited about starting my course. LSE CHOICE was extremely worthwhile and I am very glad and grateful to have been part of it.
Grisilda Duli, LSE CHOICE graduate

Student shadowing

It was great to see what a lecture is really like and how students spend their days at LSE. The student I shadowed was really friendly and helpful.
Student shadowing participant


Teachers and advisers

Our annual conference helps you stay up to date with admissions information so you can continue to support your students through the process.


Advising the Advisers

The Advising the Advisers conference was a very informative event... it’s important to stay abreast of new developments. I appreciated the opportunity to network with other advisers and teachers during the interactive sessions and to meet current students during the campus tours.
Heather Meikle, Personal Adviser, Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) Advice and Guidance, Harrow