Session One

Courses running in Session One: 18 June - 6 July 2018

QS No 1 Soc Sci

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AC110: Principles of Accounting
AC317: Quantamentals 

Business and Management

MG101: Marketing
MG106: Strategic Management
MG110: From Behavioural Insights to Strategic Decision Modelling
MG130: Organisational Behaviour
MG133: Foundations of Management
MG190: Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
MG209: Bargaining and Negotiation: Interests, Information, Strategy and Power


EC101: Introductory Microeconomics
EC201: Intermediate Microeconomics
EC204: Financial Markets and the Global Economy: the History of Bubbles, Crashes and Inflations
EC351: International Economics


FM230: Alternative Investments
FM250: Finance
FM360: Options, Futures and Other Financial Derivatives

International Relations, Government and Society

IR106: From Sarajevo to Baghdad: Key Decisions on War and Peace, 1914-2003 *NEW COURSE*
IR115: Culture and Globalisation
IR130: Athens to Al-Qaeda: Political Theory and International Politics
IR160: The Middle East in Global Politics
IR201: Power Shift: The Decline of the West, The Rise of the BRICS and World Order in a New Asian Century
IR202: Genocide
IR203: An Urbanising World: The Future of Global Cities
IR209: International Political Economy
IR211: America as a Global Power: FDR to Trump *NEW COURSE*
IR245: International Journalism and Society - The Role of the Media in the Modern World
IR270: What Kind of Europe? Crisis, Reform and the International Role of the European Union


LL101: Introduction to English Law
LL102: Introduction to International Human Rights: Theory, Law and Practice
LL135: Introduction to Corporate Law and Governance
LL202: Commercial Law
LL206: International Financial Law
LL212: Consumer Law and Policy *NEW COURSE*
LL300: Advanced Negotiation and Mediation

Research Methods, Data Science, and Mathematics

ME116: Essential Statistics for Economics and Econometrics 
ME200: Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics *NEW COURSE*
ME317: Statistical Methods in Risk Management *NEW COURSE*

Courses, faculty and dates may be subject to change without notice

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