About Methods at LSE Summer School

Research Methods, Data Science, and Mathematics courses are designed to help those who engage in research, as well as those who use and consume research in their day-to-day work.

A message from the Methods Summer Programme staff

Methods Summer Programme student in conversation

We are pleased to announce that the Methods Summer Programme is now part of LSE Summer School.

Students, researchers and professionals can choose from a broader range of dates and courses across three sessions across a variety of disciplines, with teaching drawn from LSE’s renowned research and supported by our popular Summer School programme.

Research Methods, Data Science, and Mathematics courses reflects a rising demand for researchers, analysts and other professionals with the right skills to collect and work with new datasets and conduct meaningful research. These courses allows students to engage with this exciting emerging field while gaining  some of the most sought-after data science skills in a wide range of careers in nearly all fields including the financial, government non-profit and public sectors.

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