The staff were very passionate and they made it clear from the first day. I have nothing but respect for the amount of dedication they all put in toward preparing the course.
Miguel Louis Guerrero, University of California Davis, USA

QS Economics

LSE’s Economics Department is one of the largest in the world. It has an outstanding international reputation based on its research and publications and is acknowledged as the leading faculty in Europe. The size of the Department ensures that all the mainstream areas of Economics are strongly represented in research and teaching.

The 2010 Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to Professor Christopher Pissarides for his “collaborative work for the analysis of markets with search frictions”. In addition twelve former members of staff or students have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. (Sir John Hicks 1972, Friedrich von Hayek 1974, James Meade 1977, Sir Arthur Lewis 1979, Merton Miller 1990, Ronald Coase 1991, Amartya Sen 1998, Robert Mundell 1999, George Akerlof 2001, Leonid Hurwicz 2007, Paul Krugman 2008,  Oliver Hart 2016).


Session One (18 June - 6 July 2018)

EC101: Introductory Microeconomics
EC201: Intermediate Microeconomics
EC204: Financial Markets and the Global Economy: the History of Bubbles, Crashes and Inflations
EC351: International Economics

Session Two (9 - 27 July 2018)

EC102: Introductory Macroeconomics
EC202: Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC212: Introduction to Econometrics
EC240: Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development
EC260: The Political Economy of Public Policy
EC270: Public Finance
EC307: Development Economics
EC341: Industrial Organisation & Introduction to Competition Policy

Session Three (30 July - 17 August 2018)

EC101: Introductory Microeconomics
EC102: Introductory Macroeconomics
EC200: Introduction to Behavioural Economics *NEW COURSE*
EC212: Introduction to Econometrics
EC235: Economics of European Integration
EC312: Advanced Econometrics
EC321: Money and Banking

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AC317: Quantamentals
ME116: Essential Statistics for Economics and Econometrics
ME117: Further Statistics for Economics and Econometrics
ME306: Real Analysis
ME314: Introduction to Data Science and Big Data Analytics

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