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My course experience has opened my eyes to a variety of issues affecting countries on a global and international level I have truly enjoyed expanding my cultural understanding here at LSE.
Madalyn Kranz, University of Minnesota, USA

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LSE's Department of Management was established in the academic year 2006-07 and unites four academic units at the School – Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour, Information Systems and Innovation, Managerial Economics and Strategy, and Management Science – into a single department. We produce world-class research on management issues and provide our students with a deep insight into the functioning of the global business environment. Our unique programmes combine the study of management with the School’s renowned social sciences perspective.

The department’s mission is to become the premier management department in Europe, and one of the top departments in the world, in both teaching and research. The objective is to create a world-class environment for multidisciplinary research on management issues.


(Dates for 2018 will be confirmed in the autumn)

100-level courses

MG101: Marketing

MG103: Consumer Behaviour: Behavioural Fundamentals for Marketing and Management

MG104: Innovation Management

MG105: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MG106: Strategic Management

MG110: From Behavioural Insight to Strategic Decision Modelling

MG130: Organisational Behaviour

MG133: Foundations of Management

MG190: Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

200-level courses

MG202: Open Innovation

MG203: Business, Government and Industrial Policy in Europe

MG204: Leadership in Organisations

MG205: Competitive Strategy and Game Theory

MG209: Bargaining and Negotiation: Interests, Information, Strategy and Power

MG220: Corporate and Organisational Strategy

MG250: E-Business in the Digital Age

300-level courses

MG300: Negotiation Boot Camp: Personal Mastery in the Art of Negotiating


Courses may be subject to change without notice.

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