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To me, the LSE is a place where learning, knowledge, and discussion take place on such a meaningful level, that I want to return in the future.
Denis, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

2017_LSE_SS_205_800If your child or dependant is thinking about coming to LSE, you may be wondering how you can help them prepare. You may also have your own questions about what LSE Summer School and studying abroad in London is like. We hope to answer these questions here.

About the LSE Summer School programme

Class time and hours

LSE Summer School courses are full-time, university-level intensive programmes, and consist of at least 54 contact hours over the three-week period. Students are expected to spend a full day on each day from Monday to Friday.

Find out about the course structure, including exams and credit, on the Teaching and Assessments page.

Academic standards and teaching level

LSE Summer School courses are taught at the university level, and in order to apply for the Summer School, you must provide proof of an offer of a place at university or a transcript showing you are currently attending/have previously attended university. Higher-level courses (200-400 level) will have higher prerequisites.

Students are expected to follow lectures and communicate in English at a university level.

Find out more on entry requirements and the application process on the How to Apply page

Our students

In 2017, we welcomed over 6,300 students studying over one or more of our three sessions. Although our largest regions include the United States, Western Europe, India, South and East Asia and Australia, our students represented a total of 114 nationalites.

Some of the top universities we received students from include the US Ivy League, University of Melbourne, Copenhagen Business School, and the Singapore Institute of Management.

The average age of our students is 22 with 86% of them under the age of 24, however we also welcome postgraduate and professionals to study with us.

Find out more about some of our students and their experiences on our Testimonials page.

Preparing for the summer abroad

About London and the LSE campus

The LSE campus is located in the heart of one of the world's greatest capital cities, with many places of interest within easy walking distance.

You can find out about some of our highlights on campus by reading LSE’s LSExplorer brochure.

Once enrolled students accept their offer, they will have access to our Offer holders’ pages which provides information for students to help them prepare for their time in London.

Finding accommodation

LSE offers rooms in its student halls over the summer, and the student experience team will recommend a range of options in the months leading up to Summer School.

Students are expected to arrange their own accommodation and may stay wherever they wish. However, accommodation in London can be expensive and quite hard to find as a major tourist destination.

In terms of value for money LSE accommodation is one of the more reasonable options.

Find out more about Accommodation for LSE Summer School 2019.


Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to study at the Summer School. Arranging visas can take some time, so it is in your interest to start the process as early as possible.

Please see the 'After acceptance' information on the FAQs page.

Living in London


Although London can be an expensive city, with careful planning and budgeting it's definitely possible for students in London to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities the city offers, while still living within their means.

When preparing to come to LSE, it’s important to consider all living expenses such as accommodation, travel, food, laundry, study costs (reading materials are included in Summer School), and other personal expenses.

This will vary depending on lifestyle and requirements, so it's important for students to do their own research, investigate possible sources of funding and income, and make a budget.

Social programme and making friends

Although our primary concern is providing world-class education, we want to ensure that our students make the most of the time spent with us at the LSE.

We offer a wide range of social activities, solely for our students. We also run an official students' Facebook group. We hope that in doing so we are able to provide our students with an opportunity to experience something new in London, and a chance to meet other students.

Once students accept their offer and have paid their tuition, they will receive further information about information to take part.

Find out more about our social programme.

Staying safe

London is a very safe place but like any big city, it's worth taking sensible precautions.  

Once enrolled students accept their offer, they will have access to our Offer holders’ pages which includes safety information for students.

Visit London also provides an extensive safety information for tourists to the city.

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