Geopolitics & Geostrategy

Our programmes are practice-focused and applied, drawing on empirical and case-based experiences.  They rest on data from the grassroots and concepts that relate to contemporary issues and practices echoing the realities and opportunities that exist in diverse contexts, sectors and regions. We know what it takes to work with governments, corporates and third sector enterprises and we are ready to explore contents variously to help your organisation tackle its specific challenges.

  • Military Tactics & Foreign Policy
  • International Terrorism & Intelligence-sharing 
  • Separatism & Cross-border movements 
  • SAARC — failures of Geopolitics
  • Territorial Fuzziness & Flashpoints 

PLEASE NOTE this list is not all inclusive, most can provide a post-COVID perspective and all programmes can be customised to:

  • focus on individual or multiple countries, or the region as a whole
  • examine internal and external dynamics impacting on countries or the region
  • present short, medium and long term perspectives on particular issues
  • meet the specific needs and preference of the attendees