Maria Kramer

Maria Kramer

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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Key Expertise
Sociology of Health and Illness, Science and Technology

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Research Topic:

Making “Healthy” Families – Kin Marriage and Genetic Risk in Contemporary Turkey


Dr Carrie Friese (Department of Sociology) and Dr Suki Ali (Department of Sociology)

Research Interests:

Sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, feminist theory, critical disability theory, reproduction, family, and kinship

Thesis Abstract:

My research project explores the unfolding conceptualisation and management of kin marriage as a genetic reproductive risk factor in contemporary Turkey. It asks how medical professionals and geneticists conceive of the relation between kin marriage and genetic risk while also inquiring into consanguineous couples’ negotiations and experiences of reproductive health, relatedness, and risk in their encounter with genetic health services. Recognising family making and reproduction as primary areas of political intervention and state concern, it approaches this ongoing biomedicalisation of kin marriage as a lens to explore the impact of genetic health services on the (self-)making of biopolitically “healthy” families in Turkey.


Kramer, M. (2015). Genetic discrimination: Transatlantic perspectives on the case for a European-level legal response. Disability & Society, 31(1), 1-3 (book review).