Anthony Miro Born

Anthony Miro Born

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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Key Expertise
Urban Inequality, Social Class, Territorial Stigma, Urban Social Theory

About me

Thesis title: Urban Marginality and the Ideal of Social Mobility (tba)

Miro is a sociologist and geographer with a particular interest in social inequality. His PhD project focuses on the intersections of urban marginality, class inequality and social mobility. Drawing on documental research and interviews with upwardly mobile individuals, family members and long-term residents in and from stigmatised neighbourhoods in Germany, the dissertation critically explores the meritocratic ideal and its spatial manifestations.

Before pursuing his PhD at LSE , Miro worked at Humboldt University in Berlin and at the European Parliament in Brussels. Miro holds a MSc in Inequalities and Social Science (LSE, 2016) and a BA in Geography (Humboldt University of Berlin, 2015). He is an associated member at the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute and the SFB 1265 at TU Berlin. Miro’s doctoral research is funded by an LSE PhD Studentship.

Journal articles

Born, AM (2023) The long shadow of territorial stigma: Upward social mobility and the symbolic baggage of the old neighbourhood. Urban Studies 60(3), pp. 537–553.

Further publications

Born, AM (2022) Sozialer Aufstieg aus einem „Problemviertel“: die komplexen Erfahrungen von ehemaligen Bewohner*innen stigmatisierter Nachbarschaften. SFB 1265 Blog:

Born, AM (2021) Raum- und Wissensgeschichte urbaner Problemzonen. Rezension zu Christiane Reinecke (2021): Die Ungleichheit der Städte. Urbane Problemzonen im postkolonialen Frankreich und der Bundesrepublik. sub\urban. zeitschrift für kritische stadtforschung 9(3–4), pp. 387-390.

Dobrusskin, J, Helbrecht, I, Born, AM, Genz, C (2021) Bildgestützte Interviews am Beispiel der Photo-Elizitation. In A.J. Heinreich, S. Marguin, A. Million, J. Stollmann (eds.), Handbuch qualitative und visuelle Methoden der Raumforschung. Bielefeld: transcript, pp. 207-221.

Born, AM (2019) Combined Book Review of Hubbard, P. (2017) The Battle for the High Street, and González, S. (ed.) (2018) Contested Markets, Contested Cities: Gentrification and Urban Justice in Retail Spaces. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 43(1), pp. 195-197.